Katie Holmes' Bob

Katie Holmes bob
Katie Holmes - Photo by PR Photos
You've seen Katie Holmes with her long chestnut locks, as she has worn her hair smoothed and flowing down below her shoulders, and you've seen her wearing her hair up in the back with wisps hanging along her sides for a dressy affair. Well, let me tell you! There's a new kid in town! The whole place is whispering about our celebrity and her brand new look (June 2007). By the way, have you taken a glimpse of it, yet?
There are those who say it resembles Victoria Beckham's new signature cut, and we are going to talk about that just a little bit. From what I do understand, those two are buddies, so what would it hurt if Katie takes a page out of Victoria's chapter and learns for the betterment of herself. I am sure you know who I am talking about, she is the famous British pop singer, song writer and dancer.
As if that isn't enough, she is also a fashion designer. Now, do you remember her? She is a good sort, to run around with and learn the ropes of the trade. Katie isn't any slouch herself and has been acting for many years now. The mixture seems to be like peanut butter and jelly. Both good for each other.
Side view of Katie Holmes bob
Katie Holmes - Photo by PR Photos
I for one, am glad to see the bob hairstyle re-make an entrance on the Hollywood scene. I'm tired of seeing all the centered parts and straight or coiled hair about their shoulders. Remember that old songster, Peggy Lee, as she used to sing: "Is that all there is, my friends, then, let's keep dancing; under the moon." Sometimes, when I see so many centered parts and long straight hair, I start to hear that song in my head.
However, bobs are different and there are so many different types out there. Just like the unique one that Katie just got. I was delighted to see her go for the gusto and dive right in to the water, with a brand new look. Hey, sometimes, we all need to do the same thing. All you have to do is drink a glass of nerve tonic. There would be others who would say bubbly.
Katie Holmes with a bob haircut
Katie Holmes - Photo by PR Photos
Our girl Katie, has a haircut that looks similar, not to say it is the same exact haircut as Victoria Beckhams's. If you will take a look at Victoria's hair, you will notice it is cropped close to her head in the back, quite severely; so you can plainly see the outline of her head when you look at her profile. When you see Katie's haircut, there is some hair to still play with, and her head is not as outlined as Victoria's and when we look in her back we can see her hair laying upon her neckline.
The haircuts are similar but not the same. If you think about it, Katie probably wanted this, realizing that she didn't want to be a walking clone of her friend Victoria's hair anyway. Katie Holmes knows she is an individual and she wants to keep it that way.
This is one of the problems we see today in hairstyles. Everyone wants to be an individual, but they turn out looking just like each other, because they are too frightened to make that change. Sometimes, even if a lady doesn't look good in her hairstyle, fear keeps her from moving on to improvement and individuality. The worse that could happen is that you do not like the haircut and it will always grow again.
Bobbed Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes - Photo by PR Photos
Another thing to be considered along these lines, is the different way Katie's hair lays compared to Victoria's. Katie has a natural bounce and a little bit of wave, that wants to wing out from her face. Victoria's hair is straight as an arrow, without any bounce at all. Katie's hair is also a wee bit longer on the sides, while Victoria's hair is shorter on the sides, but still long enough to be tucked over her ears.
The tops are quite similar as well, as both have the tops angled on their foreheads and moving from the zenith of the whole haircut in itself, into that one big fat angle, that falls over to one side and halfway over their faces. Again, the difference between the two is in the texture and length.
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