Celebrity Trends Toward Shorter Hair

Lucy Liu hair makeover from long to short - Before
Lucy Liu - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Are celebrities setting a trend for shorter hair? Is the long hair trend coming to an end? With celebrities setting the pace, will we begin to see more short hairstyles? Who will be next to surprise us with a new shorter haircut?
Everyone has always wanted to look like a movie star. I can remember as a small girl, with my Aunt who was more like a sister to me; laying upon her bed strewn with every kind of movie magazine available and asking each other who looked like who. Oh, the glamour as we'd flutter our eyelashes at each other. I later went ahead and tinted my hair a Susan Hayward flaming red and even tried to learn how to walk like her. Like the song goes, "those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end."
Although the faces have changed along with the hairstyles, there are still little girls looking in their mirrors and laying upon their beds wondering if they look like their favorite star as they thumb through the latest movie magazines. Celebrities have always been trend setters because of this very thing.
When the glamour queen of the ages Greta Garbo herself, had waves all over her head, suddenly all the salons in the cities had to give housewives finger waves. Going way back (by the way, I don't go back that far) when Veronica Lake wore her hair parted on one side, covering one eye; rumor had it she only had one eye; all the school girls began to wear their hair with a wave completely over one eye. If you saw a celebrity with a hat on, everyone else started to wear hats. Look at some of the old movies and you'll see what I mean.
Back in the sixties when the model Twiggy was so in, there were those who cut their hair and tried to starve themselves to look like her. Today, if we see a celebrity go from long choppy hair to short, the salons will be fashioning their clients to look like that star. There was a time when allowing your new growth wasn't in good taste. Now, everyone shows their dark roots because; the celebrities lead the way in fashion.
Lucy Liu hair makeover from long to short - After
Lucy Liu - Photo: Everett Collection/Shutterstock
Let's look at what is happening out in Hollywood Land with Lucy Liu. First we see the picture of high cheek boned Lucy with her extra long, startling black hair that is parted in the center and fully angled on both sides. Along side that picture we can see her hair parted on the side with the bangs straightly running across her forehead and temple, then tucked behind her ears. The length is cut up above her shoulders and flipped out.
Carefully examine these two pictures. One hairstyle lies down and moves toward the earth, while the other springs upward toward the heavens. The longer style appears more grave. The shorter style appears more lighthearted and gay. One goes down, while the other moves up.
Let's look at the eyes. Although very pretty, in the longer haired style, the eyes do not look as bright or alive. In the shorter picture, Lucy's eyes are more alive and happier. Can a simple haircut make this much difference in everyone's looks? My answer is a complete yes.
Next we see Patricia Arquette first with her long blonde hair and next with a short bob haircut. Her super long hair that is indeed, quite beautiful and looks satiny with the different shadows for contrast. Let's look at her eyes and her mouth. Let's examine the air that goes along with this style. I see a little somberness don't you? Now, let's look at the shorter bob that is cut bluntly midway in the center of her jaw with her bangs bluntly cut just barely touching her eyebrows.
Patricia Arquette long to short hair makeover - Before
Patricia Arquette - Photo by Photorazzi
Patricia Arquette long to short hair makeover - After
Patricia Arquette - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
Look at her face. There's a smile there and appears to be some light in her eyes. Her hair is actually glowing and matches her face. Can a simple haircut make you glow like this? My answer is a definite yes. Because, all of a sudden, you're going to feel better about yourself, no matter your age and no matter your weight. With the right haircut, you are going to feel very lighthearted.
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