The Evolution of a Hairstyle

People often ask me for advice and suggestions on hairstyles that are flattering for them, and as a professional cosmetologist, I do my best to advise them on what areas they should focus on and what styling elements to avoid, based on their features, faces, and builds. The thing that most surprises me, however, is the number of women who get a haircut that they really love, and suddenly after a few weeks or months, get a new haircut, simply because they want a "change".
While it may seem counter productive, and likely to lose me business to suggest that a new look doesn't require as many styling procedures as possible (cuts, color, perms, etc.) the truth is that sometimes all that you need is a little shift in the way you handle the style you already have.
Gradual changes in your look are always a good thing, and are generally easier on your hair. A series of gradual changes is definitely preferable to having a number of styling procedures performed on your hair all at once. In addition, all too often women make rash decisions about changing their look, thinking that a new color, a perm or a much shorter cut are called for, only to be filled with regret a few days later.
Since most of our hairstyling trends and fashions gain popularity because they are worn by celebrities, taking a look at Sigourney Weaver and Halle Berry and the evolution of their hairstyles is a great way to illustrate how gradual or subtle changes can make a tremendous difference in the overall look.
Evolving Styles - Sigourney Weaver
We begin with actress Sigourney Weaver, who in her 50s still qualifies as one of the most beautiful actresses of today. Most of us think of Sigourney Weaver and are immediately reminded of her role in the Alien films as Lt. Ellen Ripley. In these films, Weaver's natual curls were maintained in various lengths (with the exception of Alien3 wherein she sported a shaved head.) Off-screen, Sigourney has sported countless styles.
Sigourney Weaver - Neck length razor cut hair
Photos by PR Photos
One of the more widely known looks is this neck length razor cut, styled straight and sleek to create a beautiful smooth oval silhouette. The hair is styled with a side parting and long side-swept fringe. The hair appears to have been ironed smooth and curved under along the sides and back of the neck.
A few months earlier, we see the same cut, only shorter. Ms. Weaver's hair is once again side parted, with side-swept fringe, but the length of the hair creates a sassier, more youthful look. The only difference in the hairstyle is in the length, the techniques for styling the hair is the same as in the longer look.
Sigourney Weaver - Straight mid length hair
Photos by PR Photos
Moving ahead to the summer of 2004, we see that Ms. Weaver's hair has grown, and has been trimmed into a more blunt style, without losing the razored texture on the ends of the hair. Once again, the hair has been styled straight, but with added fullness, and the fringe is styled to conform with the hair to the sides of the head in a sweeping frame. The outward sweep at the temples and sides of the face help to draw attention to the eyes and make the face appear slightly wider and less angular.
The last photo, taken a week later, shows the same cut, but this time styled in the manner similar to Ms. Weaver's earlier looks. This time the hair is parted on the opposite side, but closer to the center of the top of the head. It can now be seen that the fringe sections of her hair have been grown out to nearly chin length. The style is achieved through what appears to be a blow dry straightening and round brush styling to smooth the hair into a fuller, yet still smooth silhouette.
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