Bella Thorne Hairstyles

Bella Thorne Bella Thorne with long crimped hair Bella Thorne with long coiled hair Bella Thorne with long angled hair Bella Thorne with long copper hair Bella Thorne with red hair Bella Thorne with long spiral curls Bella Thorne with her hair styled up Bella Thorne wearing her hair in a ponytail Bella Thorne with long razor cut hair Bella Thorne's retro look with long hair Bella Thorne with a ballerina style bun
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Bella Thorne is an American Actress, born October 8th, 1997.
The promising young star enjoys checking out a lot of different hairstyles like every teenager does. With her long hair there are of course many possibilities to experiment and play. Bella wears her hair long, has bangs that sit right at her eyebrows and knows a thing or two about creating volume and fun textures.
She looks adorable with thick long waves that turn into curls toward the bottom but also has a snazzy appearance with sleek lengths that are tapered along the sides for more movement. Crimping of tiny little ways is another fun look in her repertoire and she adorns this one even with a few colored extensions.
Then there is the whole big world of hair accessories. With long hair like Bella has it, those small or large sparkly things, elastics, scrunchies or hairbands are really a girl's best friend.
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