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Long Crimped Hairstyle

Ever the grand artist, Bella Thorne wears her hair in a long crimped fluffy nature with one single strip of pink hair color upon one side. Her bangs remain the same in a smooth cast of bluntness that rest just below her eyebrows.
The party popped when the photographers took her pictures at the world premiere of "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" in February 9, 2009.

Her crimped hairstyle is very light and can be a fun style to wear if you are ready to take small sections of your hair at a time to crimp patiently one by one. The hairstyle will probably last until it rains or gets frizzy. This naturally depends once again on the texture of your own hair. Straighter hair will not last as long as naturally wavy or curly hair for this particular look.
The ideal situation is to experiment to see if this is what you think you'd like to have and see how the crimping will work with your hair texture. Note how long the hairstyle lasts for you and if you wouldn't mind spending the length of time it takes to labor for the look.
If your mind is made up and this is what you've really been wanting, then consider a permanent crimp. Take the photo with you and consult your professional hairstylist.
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