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Bella Thorne - Long Razor Cut Hair

Bella Thorne looked glowing at the RadioShack's HTC EVO 3D Launch Party in West Hollywood on June 23, 2011. Her long hair has a distinct razor cut and appears messy, but stylish. Her hairstyle is layered all over and includes long bangs. The front portion of her hair is lightly feathered and remaining portions fall past the shoulders and caress the neck quite profusely.
The hair is going in different directions: feathered, flipped, curled and teased. Her auburn brown hair looks like a fly away version of Farrah Fawcett's hairstyle that she wore in the past. There is no visible part because of the volume displayed.
Bella Thorne with long hair that caresses the neck Bella Thorne - Razor cut for long hair Bella Thorne hairstyle Bella Thorne wearing a silk dress with a loose waterfall neck
Bella wears a belted silk dress that has a loose waterfall neck. A silver necklace adorns her neck and she completes her outfit with black pumps. Wearing a light pink blush and pink lipstick, Bella looks stunning and elegant to stop the show.
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