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Festive Upstyle for Red Hair

Redheads are always big eye catchers, especially when they wear such a perfect color to complement their hair. The turquoise of her glam dress makes the red even more intense.
Bella Thorne's long and gently curved fringe looks youthful while the rest of her hair is draped to the back in a smooth and elegant design.
This is perhaps one of the easiest ways how to create a beautiful upstyle for a festive moment and it is also among the most luxurious looks just because of its simplicity. A couple of strands that frame her face were curled over a wide barrel iron. (November 12th, 2011)
Bella Thorne wearing her hair up Bella Thorne - Smooth updo with bangs Bella Thorne's hairstyle with a youthful curved fringe Bella Thorne wearing a turquoise dress that compliments her red hair
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