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  • Unwanted Hair and Hirsutism
    Unwanted Hair and Hirsutism: A Book for Women
    Millions of women struggle with unwanted hair, which is frequently related to a hormonal condition known as hirsutism. In other cases, unwanted hair can emerge as hormonal levels shift, or when normal hair growth in women is considered “unwanted” by cultural beauty standards. Unwanted Hair and Hirsutism explores this serious problem for women, which has too often been cast aside as a “beauty issue.” More ...
  • Unwanted Hair Growth
    Winning The Battle Against Unwanted Hair Growth
    Learn what excessive hair growth is, why you might have it and how to finally get rid of it permanently! Laura M. Regan, having suffered from unwanted hair growth her entire life, writes openly and honestly about the social ostracism and public scorn women with this embarrassing condition must face on a daily basis. More ...
  • Guide to Hair Removal for Women
    The Complete Guide to Hair Removal for Women
    Do you have unwanted hair growth on your face or body? Are you confused about what to do? Have you tried a variety of different methods without satisfaction? Will you know how to advise your teen daughter when she asks for help? Is your excess hair due to a hormonal imbalance such as PCOS? This easy-to-use guide discusses every hair removal product and method on the market today. More ...
  • Milady's Hair Removal Techniques
    Milady's Hair Removal Techniques
    This helpful guide provides the most complete source for those seeking to expand their knowledge on a variety of hair removal techniques. You'll receive basic information and instruction on both temporary and permanent methods of hair removal, including waxing, electrolysis and lasers. More ...
  • Women and Unwanted Hair
    Women and Unwanted Hair
    Learn why unwanted hair grows, from your brows to your toes, and the best ways to treat and/or remove it. This book gives you detailed information on all hair removal methods, with chapters devoted to electrolysis (the only permanent solution), laser treatment and pubic hair removal. And, you'll find complete information on the newest hair reduction cream, Vaniqa. More ...
  • Laser Hair Removal
    Laser Hair Removal
    This book explores the currently reviewed lasers and light sources for hair removal. It begins with a chapter on hair biology and reviews laser physics and its application. The uses of electrolysis and research studies. Also covers the business aspects of a hair removal practice. No practitioner of laser hair removal can afford to be without this improved clinical resource. More ...
  • Principles and Practice of Electrical Epilation
    Principles and Practice of Electrical Epilation
    Written for the practising electrolysist and student 'The Principles and Practice of Electrical Epilation' covers all aspects of electro-epilation and takes into account recent changes and advances in training and technology during the past decade. The book covers all topics, and also gives advance on how to set up your own practice. More ...
  • Practical Electrolysis
    Practical Electrolysis
    Practical Electrolysis is a complete reference guide to the treatments and techniques for electrolysis excellence. This comprehensive text comes packaged with an exclusive Electrolysis Skills DVD which guides the reader through a range of electrolysis treatments from consultation to aftercare, including sections on positioning, tweezer techniques and perfect insertions. More ...
  • Encyclopedia of Hair Removall
    Encyclopedia of Hair Removal
    This book will offer a one-stop-shop learning resource to guide those studying hair removal at Levels 2-4. Additionally it will support those already working as hair removal specialists or teaching in this area. It will detail all the methods employed in salons to remove unwanted hair, from waxing to laser, with reference to the underpinning knowledge and other necessities. More ...
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