Books about Black Hairstyles

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  • Textured Tresses
    Textured Tresses: The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Styling Natural Hair
    Textured hair styles like Locs, Braids, Twists, Cornrows, and Knots are all the rage, adorning the heads of celebrities, athletes, and everyday folk now more than ever before. Yet, the actual caring, styling, and maintenance of textured hair still remains a mystery to many. Diane Da Costa unravels the tresses of textured hair. More ...
  • Black Hair : Art, Style, and Culture
    Black Hair: Art, Style, and Culture
    From head to toe, no other physical attribute for a black woman is as culturally, socially, or politically charged as her hair. This book celebrates the diversity and creativity of black women's hairstyles, from traditional and ceremonial styles to the urban twists and turns of modern styling. More ...
  • Plaited Glory
    Plaited Glory: For Colored Girls Who've Considered Braids, Locks, and Twists
    From the uptown micro braid to the simple cornrow, braids, locks and twists have come into their own. Plaited Glory gives the lowdown on everything from choosing a braiding salon to differentiating between styles and their costs. More than a "hair-do" book, this is a hari primer with a cultural twist. More ...
  • Going-Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair
    Going-Natural: How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair
    With 73 percent of African American women suffering from hair breakage due to the use of straightening chemicals, this guide is the perfect resource to help them on their endeavor to go natural. The book not only describes the phases of this process, but also shares recipes, inspiring styles, and valuable tips to make the transition easy and rewarding. More ...
  • Nice Dreads
    Nice Dreads: Hair Care Basics and Inspiration for Colored Girls Who've Considered Locking Their Hair
    Perfect for women who want dreadlocks but aren’t sure how to start, or for those who’ve already started and want to know the best ways to keep hair healthy, This book can help you grow your own lovely locks. Photographs illustrate each stage of growth and showcase mature dreads. More ...
  • Creating Beautiful Locks on a Dime
    Creating Beautiful Locks on a Dime
    This comprehensive manual is an 8x10 inch text book that guides the professional and novice through the intricate process of installing, growing, maintaining and designing locks holistically at home or in the salon. It is an excellent resource for students and hairstylsists wanting a better understanding of the holistic approach to hair care and dreadlocks. More ...
  • Hairdressing for African and Curly Hair Types
    Hairdressing for African and Curly Hair Types
    Hairdressing for African and Curly Hair Types from a Cross-Cultural Perspective covers everything students need to know for NVQ and VRQ Level 2 and Level 3 African Type Hairdressing and Combined Hair Types courses. This book is endorsed by Habia and is full of inspirational looks and new professional, step-by-step images covering key techniques and processes. More ...
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