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  • The Lice Program
    The Lice Program (Be free of head lice in 21 days)
    Each year, hundreds of thousands of children and adults in the USA, Europe, and the western world are infested with head lice. They soon find out how difficult it is to get rid of the infestations. They buy remedies sold at drug stores, mostly chemical solutions, only to discover most of them are ineffective. The are at their wits end. Somehow, nothing seems to work. And these people are not wrong. More ...
  • How to Get Rid of Lice Fast
    How to Get Rid of Lice FAST: An Essential Guide to Getting Rid of Head Lice for Good
    How can you get rid of lousy head lice for good? What can you do to prevent it from coming back? These are the questions this book is going to answer for you as it helps you to get rid of lice through various options, including the best commercially available treatment or natural, organic treatment if that's what you prefer. More ...
  • How To Treat Head Lice
    How To Treat Head Lice In 14 Minutes
    This book aims to give you an understanding and details about head lice, their existence, the reasons why it should be prevented or removed and how to effectively do away with them. Included also are discussions on myths that need to be corrected about head lice. This material is presented in a very simple manner for practical use. More ...
  • Lice Advice
    Lice Advice: The Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit Removal
    Tricks of the trade, ensuring parents greater success in the tedious task of removing lice and their nits. From proper identification to strand by strand nit removal, The Shepherd Method guides parents every step of the way towards a successful end to their families head lice infestation. More ...
  • Head Lice Book
    The Only Book You'll Ever Need For Head Lice
    This is the only tool you'll need in your lice fighting arsenal. Buy this book for school, for camp and for your child's busy life! You need this for identification, prevention and elimination of head lice in your home. Complete with pictures, this book tells you everything the Internet forgot. More ...
  • Head Louse
    Head Louse
    This Bug Book asks some great questions. What is a nit? How long does a head louse live? Why do head lice need to live in people's hair? The book is an introduction to head lice, discussing how they are born, what they look like, what they eat, how they grow, where they live, and how to get rid of them. More ...
  • Head Lice
    Head Lice (Disgusting Creatures)
    Part of a series of hilarious nonfiction books about disgusting creatures, this book examines head lice. It covers such topics as head lice habitats, anatomy, and parenting practice. Although silly and off-the-wall, Head Lice contains factual information that will both amuse and teach. More ...
  • Louse Out
    Louse Out: Every Kid's Self-Help Guide to the 11-Day Process of Getting Head Lice Out of Their Hair
    Lice Removal made fun as you follow the steps and color your way to Lice Free Park. Louse Out helps kids and their parents make informed decisions on how to get rid of lice completely and safely without the shame often attached to the condition. The book deals with both the practical and emotional aspect of head lice. More ...
  • A Story about Lice
    What's Bugging Nurse Penny? A Story about Lice
    Nurse Penny is a fun and funky school nurse who wears honeybee earrings and a butterfly smock and carries a ladybug purse. But there's one kind of bug she'd rather not have around ... head lice! So she calls a special school assembly to talk about those pesky critters. What they look like, how to avoid them, and how to get rid of them. More ...
  • Head Lice
    What You Need to Know about Head Lice
    Everything a young reader needs to know about head lice: what it is, how it happens, what the symptoms are, and how it is treated. The text also presents real-life stories of kids who experience head lice. More ...
  • Yikes Lice
    This snappy and informative book, designed for reading aloud to younger children, takes some of the fear and disgust out of dealing with head lice. Full color. More ...
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