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  • Hair: A Human History
    Hair: A Human History
    A global journey through history, from fur merchant associations and sheep farms to medical clinics and patient support groups, to show the remarkable impact hair has had on human life. From a completely bald beauty queen with alopecia to the famed hair-hang circus act, Stenn weaves the history of hair through a variety of captivating examples, with sources varying from renaissance merchants’ diaries to interviews with wig makers, modern barbers, and more. More ...
  • Fashions in Hair: The First Five Thousand Years
    Fashions in Hair: The First Five Thousand Years
    The first to attempt a comprehensive historical survey of men's and women's hair styles through the ages, from Ancient Egypt through Greece, Egypt, Rome, and Anglo-Saxon times to recent trends in fashion, this book is now an essential work of reference. Drawing on many years of research by the author, this is an essential handbook for theatrical designers, hair artists, illustrators, and beauty consultants. More ...
  • Encyclopedia of Hair
    Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History
    Examines the ways in which hair has served as a signifier of class, gender, ethnicity, conformity/non-comfority, authority, and power throughout history. Countless issues and examples are explored in this volume including: hair styles of royalty; wigs worn by lawmakers and judges; ceremonial hairstyles of tribes throughout the world; Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads; hair in the counterculture. More ...
  • Hair: Fashion and Fantasy
    Hair: Fashion and Fantasy
    Throughout history, hairstyles have conferred status. Cleopatra wore elaborate braids; Marie-Antoinette’s contemporaries competed to pile their hair outrageously high; punk fashion made a fetish of spiked and dyed hair. Hair expresses our individuality, and fashion designers, photographers, and style gurus love its infinite possibilities. More ...
  • Hairstyles: Ancient to Present
    Hairstyles: Ancient to Present
    A woman's hair has always been regarded as her crowning glory—and as a way to change her appearance dramatically. Hairstyles celebrates the complex art of hairdressing from its earliest-known beginnings to the present day, as well as the famous names behind the cuts. Hairstyles is not only a stunning documentation of the history of styling, but a unique inspiration. More ...
  • The History of Hair
    The History of Hair: Fashion and Fantasy Down the Ages
    Hair, and its association with art and fashion, has until now been a sadly neglected subject. This book provides a fascinating study of the history of hair, and discusses how fahion and events have influenced hair styles (especially those of women) around the world. More ...
  • An Illustrated History of Hairstyles
    An Illustrated History of Hairstyles 1830-1930
    A fascinating timeline of hair fashion emerges through a progression of images. This extensively illustrated history of hairstyles is a guide for theatrical hairstylists, costumers, and historical reenactors, and provides invaluable reference for dating vintage photographs. Employing nearly 500 period photographs and illustrations, it shows how everyday men, women, and children have worn their hair. More ...
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