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  • Amazing Redheads
    Amazing Redheads
    In this book you will learn what it takes to make a great looking redheads. We will talk about the different types of reds and who are your best and worst candidates for becoming a redhead. Making great redheads is one of the most rewarding accomplishments that a colorist can have. It will teach you everything you need to know to achieve amazing results with each application. More ...
  • How to Be a Redheads
    How to Be a Redhead
    If you have red hair, you know it’s more than just a color. It’s a way of life that comes with its own challenges, like unique makeup needs, fashion questions and hair dilemmas. How to be a Redhead has the answers to all your redhead beauty questions, with specialized advice and tips for hair care, skincare, makeup, health and fashion. More ...
  • A History of the Redhead
    Red: A History of the Redhead
    More than a book for redheads, "Red" is the exploration of evolution and gene mutation, as well as a compelling social and cultural study of how prejudice and misconceptions of "other" evolve across centuries and continents and are handed down through generations and from one culture to another. More ...
  • The Roots of Desire
    The Roots of Desire: The Myth, Meaning, and Sexual Power of Red Hair
    Being a redhead herself, the author has an odd chip on her shoulder about it, relating all sorts of opinions connected to red hair that the average non-redhead person may never have guessed existed. The book explores the legends of Lilith and Set, the traditions that depict both Judas and Mary Magdalene as having red hair. More ...
  • The Redhead Encyclopedia
    The Redhead Encyclopedia
    Studies and surveys that indicate how redheads are perceived by others, and how they perceive themselves too. The author also found strange historical data concerning redheads, including contradicting olklore and fables. More ...
  • Redheads
    The distinctiveness and the appeal of redheads has never before been presented with such warmth and skill as in the attractive large format portraits by this red haired photographer. More ...
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