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  • Inspire - Hairstyles for Men
    Inspire Vol. 92 - Hairstyles for Men
    Inspire's Men's issue showcases over 300 photos of the latest cuts and color trends for men's hair. Free with your order: Step-by-Step Technical Guide. More ...
  • Inspire Quarterly Men's Edition
    Inspire Quarterly Vol. 33 - Men's Edition
    Mens hairstyling book with celebrities such as ... George Clooney, John Travolta and many more. This book shows hairstyles, back, front and sides, color, highlights and lowlights making it easy for stylists and clients to get that perfect look for you! More ...
  • Inspire 69 - The Men's Issue
    Inspire Vol. 69 - The Men's Issue
    Featuring Men's Styles, Inspire's Men's issue showcases over 300 photos of the latest cuts and color trends for men's hair. Front, side and back views. Hot new trends and classic cuts. More ...
  • Inspire Volume 89 - Hairstyles for teens, kids, men and women
    Inspire Volume 89 - Men, Women, Children, Teens
    Today's Hairstyles for Women, Men, Teens & Children! See how the best in the business create exciting styles for the entire family! This new family volume offers a huge collection of classic and contemporary cuts and color for women, men, teens and kids. Celebrity photos included. More ...
  • The Men's Hair Book
    The Men's Hair Book: A Male's Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming
    Written by popular men's hair expert Rogelio Samson, The Men's Hair Book gives the modern male an in-depth blueprint to getting his hair looking as he wants it to look without the baloney that abounds the men's hair field. The Men's Hair Book is related to the real world through barbershop case studies in every chapter. More ...
  • The Curly Hair Book
    The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks
    The essential hair manual for the modern-day curly haired male. From wavy hair to afro-textured hair, The Curly Hair Book covers all to do with daily hair grooming and long-term hair care while instilling the right attitude and mindset to sport one's curls as a lifestyle-conscious 21st century male. More ...
  • HAIR'S HOW, Vol 12: MEN - Hairstyles
    HAIR'S HOW, Vol 12: MEN - Hairstyling Book
    This collection of nearly 200 men's hairstyles expands Hair's How's series of helpful styling books. The images featured in MEN were created by some of the industry's brightest and most renowned stars. This book addition features the season's latest commercial cuts, hottest colors and most innovative styling techniques. Many of the styles were created specifically for publication in Hair's How. More ...
  • Inspire 37 - Exclusively Men
    Inspire Quarterly Vol. 37 - Exclusively Men
    Teenagers, twenties, thirties, fourties, celebrity hairstyles and extreme texture. A beautiful pictorial step-by-step book featuring 13 haircut and styling techniques from advanced artists and academies. Including 243 pictures with details of what top hair stylists are doing, predicting and teaching for men's hairstyles. More ...
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