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  • Start-up guide for a beauty salon
    The Start-up Guide for Opening, Remodeling & Running a Successful Beauty Salon
    Finally a book that helps salon owners to open, remodel, and run a successful business!! Using this Amazon Best Seller as your guide, put your dreams of owning or remodeling a salon on the success track and learn operational tactics that would otherwise take you years to master! Opening a salon or remodeling your existing business takes a lot more planning and money than most people would ever imagine. More ...
  • The Salon Building Bible
    The Salon Building Bible
    Includes all start-up costs and actual floor plans that you can modify to suit your own location broken down to the penny. Why make the mistakes other salon owners have in the past. Do you trust your contractor, are you paying to much for salon equipment? Is your contractor over charging you for installation, flooring, lighting, and plumbing? More ...
  • Hair salons book
    Hair Salons
    This book will give you an impression of around 45 of the most exciting hair salons from around the globe, in pictures, words and plans. The selection will show a large diversity of different architectural applications. Wether their design is innovative, minimalist, baroque, ethnic or kitch, each of these salons will reveal it's own identity. More ...
  • The Modern Salon in Pictures
    The Modern Salon in Pictures: Award Winning Salon Pictures from Around the World
    A picture book full of inspiration for those thinking of opening a new salon, for existing owners who are looking for ideas to infuse into their facility and reword their existing brand, and for those who just love salons! It has over a hundred photos of salon interiors grouped by the five areas common to most modern salons. More ...
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