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  • Hair Loss and Replacement For Dummies
    Hair Loss and Replacement For Dummies
    What are the causes of hair loss? Can you prevent it? Can lost hair be restored? Hair Loss & Replacement For Dummies helps you understand why men and women lose their hair and offers thorough, objective reviews of a wide array of hair replacement options, including hair replacement surgery, More ...
  • The Consumer's Guide to Hair Transplant Surgery
    The Consumer's Guide to Hair Transplant Surgery
    Are you considering hair restoration options? Or do you want to know about whether hair transplant surgery is right for you? Help has arrived! A new book, The Consumer’s Guide to Hair Transplant Surgery: Everything You Wanted to Know About Hair Transplantation, offers a one-stop guide for making the most of what hair transplants can offer. More ...
  • Modern Hair Restoration
    Modern Hair Restoration: A Complete Hair Loss Guide for Men and Women
    Modern Hair Restoration describes the latest and most effective treatment options for many types of hair loss patients. Exciting new breakthroughs in FUE and Strip hair transplantation are revealed, along with the benefits of other medical and non surgical procedures. A complete A-Z guide that offers in depth coverage on the recognized types of hair loss and their corresponding treatments. More ...
  • The Hair Replacement Revolution
    The Hair Replacement Revolution: A Consumer's Guide to Effective Hair Replacement Techniques
    There is no cure for hair loss just yet. A number of amazing options are available, though, including high-tech surgical techniques, revolutionary drugs, and cosmetic hair additions that are more natural-looking than ever before. For anyone experiencing hair loss, the problem is seeing through the hype of ads and finding the technique or product that really works. More ...
  • Hair Transplantation
    Hair Transplantation
    This highly acclaimed standard reference has been restructured for greater practical usefulness, to follow the clinical setting: it meticulously describes and illustrates all procedures utilized by the most recognized leaders in the field, to showcase current trends, controversies, and innovations in practice. An integral DVD features video-clips of the surgical procedures themselves being performed. More ...
  • Contemporary Hair Transplant Surgery
    Contemporary Hair Transplant Surgery
    Hair transplantation is widely recognized as the most effective current treatment for male pattern baldness. Until now, however, it has not received comprehensive treatment in a single book. This new work, the first devoted exclusively to hair transplant surgery, provides information on patient evaluation, operative planning, and the step-by-step details of surgical technique. More ...
  • Hair Transplant Surgery
    Hair Transplant Surgery
    This book is a complete guide to hair transplant surgery for clinicians and trainees. Beginning with an introduction to the history of hair transplantation, anatomy and growth of hair, the following chapters guide clinicians step by step through the procedure, from initial consultation, treatment options and design for the transplant, to anaesthesia, donor and recipient area, and complications. More ...
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