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  • Shampoo-Free
    Shampoo-Free: A DIY Guide to Putting Down the Bottle and Embracing Healthier, Happier Hair
    Shampoo-free enthusiast Savannah Born walks readers through how they can create their own simple and affordable solutions to keep hair clean and fresh without harsh chemicals. She offers encouragement and tips about how to survive the transition, and helpful illustrations make this the perfect one-stop guide. More ...
  • Hair Care Product and Ingredients Dictionary
    Hair Care Product and Ingredients Dictionary
    A current and comprehensive list of the ingredients that are likely to be found in professional hair care products for salon use and retail products for home use. Milady's Hair Care Product Ingredients Dictionary is written using the International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) system, the commonly accepted nomenclature for all cosmetic products. More ...
  • Hair Products 101
    Hair Products 101: A 4-Step Process to Empower You to Select the Best Products for Your Hair
    Written for the consumer who wants to choose hair care products based on knowledge. Want to stop guessing and following product recommendations blindly? Marketing and recommendations are great because they bring a product to your attention. It's your knowledge that should determine whether or not to buy a product. More ...
  • The Hair Product Handbook
    Coils & Curls The Hair Product Handbook
    There is so much hype about hair products, but does it really matter which ones you choose? Are expensive products really worth paying for? This book teaches you everything you need to know about products for coils (spiral-shaped/afro-textured hair) and curls (S-shaped hair). Also included: product recommendations, sample hair care routines, and ideas for homemade recipes. More ...
  • Don't Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products Without Me
    Don't Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products Without Me: Over 4,000 Products Reviewed
    Are $20 shampoos and conditioners worth it? Can good hair-care products be found at the drugstore, or are the expensive salon products really superior? In this comprehensive guide to all things hair care, consumer advocate Paula Begoun answers those questions and more in her reviews of more than 130 drugstore, salon, and department store hair product lines, from Aveda to Matrix and Pantene to Zirh. More ...
  • Beauty Products for Beginners
    Beauty Products for Beginners
    The secret homemade recipe guide using essential oils for natural skin care, hair care and body care. Using essential oils in beauty products is ideal because they come from plants, which means that they are natural and there are no side effects to using them. Using essential oils is also a form of aromatherapy. Plus, being able to create your own beauty products with the help of different essential oils would be so much fun. More ...
  • Natural Remedies for Dandruff
    Natural Remedies for Dandruff
    This book is an attempt to collect and bring to you natural remedies from across the globe of traditional methods and treatments for dandruff which have been proven through centuries of practice. The book aims to provide natural solutions which will ensure that your hair is not damaged any further and receives nourishment while fighting off dandruff for good. More ...
  • Homemade Shampoo - Sulfate Free Shampoo Recipes
    Homemade Shampoo: 31 Sulfate Free Shampoo Recipes
    Homemade shampoos and conditioners are the best treatments for you if you want luscious and healthy hair. This book gives you over thirty of the best homemade shampoo and conditioner recipes. What makes all these recipes fabulous is how quickly you can put them together. Once you have bought a few basic ingredients then you will be able to make lots of these soothing and natural shampoos. More ...
  • Homemade Shampoo: A Complete Beginner's Guide
    Homemade Shampoo: A Complete Beginner's Guide To Natural DIY Shampoos You Can Make Today
    Making your own natural shampoos at home is quick, easy, inexpensive and fun. Whats more, not only are these shampoos good for your hair, your health, and your wallet, they’re also good for the environment as all the ingredients used are non-toxic and non-polluting. In this book you’ll learn more about exactly why you should ditch toxic shampoos. More ...
  • Shampoo Making 101
    Shampoo Making 101: Fun, Easy, and Budget-Friendly Recipes
    Once you discover how easy and fun it is to make your own shampoo you will never go back to store-bought products. Shampoo making is a healthy, safe alternative that will make your life better. Why wait? Don’t pay another dime for products that may be dangerous to use. Learn how homemade shampoo can improve your life now. More ...
  • How to Make Handmade Shampoo Bars
    How to Make Handmade Shampoo Bars: The Budget Edition
    This innovative book includes 25+ recipes for shampoo bars, hair rinses, and hair masques. It contains many black and white photos, step-by-step instructions, and a chapter on natural additives. You get fragrance and essential oils information, and the creative labeling and packaging ideas chapter includes several photos. More ...
  • Organic Shampoos Made Easy
    Organic Shampoos Made Easy: 50 DIY Sulfate-Free Natural Homemade Shampoos
    Making your own natrural shampoos and conditioners is fun and exciting and this book guides you on how to achieve that. This fun and relaxing activity comes with better health for your hair and scalp. By using all- natural ingredients that are readily available in grocery stores, you will be making shampoos that suit your ideal hair. More ...
  • Making Natural Liquid Soaps
    Making Natural Liquid Soaps
    Catherine Failor shows you how to use her simple double-boiler technique to create luxurious shower gels, revitalizing shampoos, energizing body scrubs, and much more. Step-by-step instructions teach you how to turn basic ingredients like cocoa butter, lanolin, and jojoba into sweet-smelling liquid soaps. You’ll soon be experimenting with your favorite oils and additives. More ...
  • Essential Oils for Hair
    Essential Oils for Hair
    The only book about hair health and essential oils you will ever need. What are essential oils and how can these help improve the appearance and condition of your hair? What specific essential oils will achieve specific hair goals? How do you safely and effectively use each essential oil to get the most benefits without side effects? This book will teach you the most natural way to restore hair health with essential oils. More ...
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