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  • Stunning Double Process Blondes
    Stunning Double Process Blondes
    In this book, Volume-7 in the “Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert” educational series you will discover all the information needed to gain the knowledge and confidence to become competent in Double Process Blonding. You will learn complete step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know about Double Process Blonding. More ...
  • Blonde Like Me
    Blonde Like Me: The Roots of the Blonde Myth in Our Culture
    In this unsparing book and look at our cultural obsession with blonde, the author shows us that our apparently modern fixation really has primeval roots. She is highlighting cultural criticism with personal experience, cites ancient myths, Hollywood iconography and the daily assault of advertising to find out why the allure of being a blonde crossed the boundaries of ethnicity, economics and age. More ...
  • On Blondes
    Blonde Like Me: The Roots of the Blonde Myth in Our Culture
    The author is looking at the world through the eyes of infamous and famous blondes and the admirers. The readers is drawn into an intriguing portrait of society. The writer combines the wealth of her knowledge with a sharp view of the power of blondes throughout the ages. More ...
  • The Vogue Book of Blondes
    The Vogue Book of Blondes
    A stylish celebration of the cult of blondes. This nicely illustrated book features the work of world class photographers and this book of blondes is the perfect gift for the blondes or aspiring blondes in your life. If it's true that blondes have more fun, then The Vogue Book of Blondes is a perfect gift for the blonde or aspiring blonde in your life. More ...
  • Be Marilyn!
    Be Marilyn!: A Glamorous Guide to Living Blonde
    Discover how you can acquire a piece of Marilyn's sexy style and make it part of your everyday look. The step by step guide is the perfect handbook for everyone wanting to impersonate Marilyn. Anyone who has ever longed to flaunt a little of her bolder, sexier side will find Be Marilyn! to be indispensable. More ...
  • The Blonde
    The Blonde: An Illustrated History of the Golden Era from Harlow to Monroe
    Combining fashion photography and literary excerpts with a witty and admiring text, The Blonde revels in the myth and magic of the blonde ideal. An appendix of post-Marilyn blondes including Sharon Stone and Cameron Diaz shows how the legacy lives on. Left unresolved is the conundrum of why gentlemen, who prefer blondes, so often marry brunettes. More ...
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