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  • Good to Great Hair
    Good to Great Hair
    Robert Vetica preaches that professional techniques are not difficult; readers just need to know what to do and follow directions. In this ultimate hair styling book, he delivers to the reader all they need to know to create great hair at home or direct a professional stylist. He reveals insider secrets and techniques for recreating magazine and celebrity hairstyles. More ...
  • Step-by-Step Hairstyles
    Step-by-Step Hairstyles: 85 Salon Looks to Create
    How to look salon-fabulous every day, with this complete practical guide to styling your hair. From simple styles to braiding, curling and elegant up-dos. 85 complete looks shown in 500 how-to photographs. How to create salon-perfect styles for every type of hair and every occasion. More ...
  • The Professional's Illustrated Guide to Haircare & Hairstyles
    The Professional's Illustrated Guide to Haircare & Hairstyles
    300 hairstyle ideas and step by step techniques. How to look like you went to the salon every day. Complete guide to care for and style your hair. From ideas for simple hairdos and general hair care tips to step by step instructions such as braiding, curling or styling for special occasion hairdos. More ...
  • The Complete Book of Hairstyling
    The Complete Book of Hairstyling
    Over 100 beautiful and achievable hairstyles for all occasions: big date hair, city hair, vacation hair + big day hair. Color and cut advice for all facial shapes, all hair types and different skin tones. Hair and hairstyling basics. Updos do's and dont's. Tips on maintaining great condition hair for holidays. Simple ways to jazz up hair to create a special look. Everyday hair problems and the solutions. More ...
  • African-Caribbean Hairdressing
    African-Caribbean Hairdressing
    This book is an essential guide covering all aspects of hairdressing in the African-Caribbean area. It is the only book published in the United Kingdom for professionals and students working and studying with this group of clients. African-Caribbean hair is more delicate than other hair types and the techniques and procedures require a specialist knowledge. More ...
  • Professional Hairstyling
    Professional Hairstyling: The Complete Guide to Professional Results
    Illustrated and instructional book written by an author who teaches an accredited college course on this subject. Ideal guide both for the beginner and the experienced hair professional wanting to acquire new skills. Introducing today’s state-of-the-art equipment and tools. The book discusses the many types of hair and the correct shampooing, texturing, and conditioning products to use for each type. More ...
  • Shortcuts to a Successful Career As a Hairstylist
    Shortcuts to a Successful Career As a Hairstylist or Make up Artist in the Fashion and Entertainment
    There are numerous professional avenues possible to a freelance hairstylist or make-up artist. This book shows the options available to a freelance artist in the entertainment and fashion industry. As a freelancer, you will have the opportunity to work on runway shows, music videos, commercials, advertising, album packaging, concert tours, motion picture films, press junkets, TV shows and fashion magazine shoots. More ...
  • Guide to Good Hairdressing
    Guide to Good Hairdressing
    For students, salon workers, people working for a manufacturer or in the film or fashion industry, this guide addresses numerous hairdressing issues from advice on starting a career and building and maintaining a clientele list to technical requirements and industry jargon. A review of basic knowledge includes hair growth patterns, cutting hair, coloring, perms, and haircutting exercises, as well as a summary of tools necessary for successful cutting and styling. More ...
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