How to Wear a Silk Blouse

Malin Akerman wearing a silk blouse
Malin Akerman - Photo: S. Bukley/Shutterstock
Silk blouses are a must for every fashionable woman’s wardrobe. Silk blouses not only never go out of fashion, but also add to your style at the same time.
Invest in some good silk blouses to give your wardrobe a chic and fashionable look. If you are wondering what style and color you should pick up, then don’t worry, as here are some tips to inform you about how to pick the best suited silk blouses for you.
Silk blouse options
1. Neutral Colored Silk Blouses
Pick out cream, dark brown, olive green, and black silk blouses to go best with your skirts and trousers. These neutral colored blouses can be combined with some bright colors to give you a stunning look.
2. Unusual Shaded Silk Blouses
If you wan to jazz up your wardrobe and look ultra stylish, then invest in some unusual shades in silk blouses. For example, I saw a woman pairing a sapphire blue silk blouse with a charcoal A-line skirt that looked awesome. These unusual shaded blouses work wonders to your simple skirt and pants.
3. Check Quality and Fitting
Silk blouses always look good when they fit you well. Always go for proper fitting blouses. Don’t buy loose or too tight blouse, otherwise they will ruin your look. Also as far as silk blouses are concerned, always go for quality. Quality blouses will last longer and they will not loose their looks.
4. Go for Classy Collars
In silk blouses, always go for classy collars. Blouses with classy collars will go with you longer than any other collar. You can add accessories and jewelries to add to the trend quotient of your blouse.
5. Go for High Quality Buttons
To be sure that your silk blouse looks polished, opt the ones having high quality buttons. High quality buttons will not only add sophistication, but also make your blouse look very expensive.
6. Go Multipurpose
Pick up a silk blouse which can be used to sport different styles, like wearing it open or closed. For example, you wear an open silk blouse over a T-shirt or combine a vest and a silk blouse.
How to clean a silk blouse
Silk blouses are not only expensive, but also a great asset for every woman’s wardrobe and it is very essential that you take good care of them. Generally you should get your silk blouses dry cleaned, but if you want to hand wash them, then you need to be very careful. Follow the steps below so that you can add life to your silk blouses while hand washing them.
• Fill your bathtub with warm water and a neutral soap. Soak the silk blouse for around 20 minutes. You can soak for a longer time if the blouse is stained.
• Take some warm water and rinse the garment. To squeeze out excess water, roll the blouse between two towels. Remember never to wring out your silk blouse.
• Never dry your silk blouse in a dryer. Drying in a dryer will damage the cloth and ruin your silk blouse. Also, never hang your silk blouses to dry as it can cause the fabric to pull.
• Always lay your silk blouses flat to dry.
• Always keep your silk garments folded rather than on a hanger. If you have dedicated a drawer to all your silk garments, then always place a tissue paper before you keep your silk blouses in the drawer to stop any damage and snagging.
A silk blouse is one of the best additions to any wardrobe. It not only gives a terrific professional look, but also works wonders for an evening out. So it is always best to invest in few of these. Always remember to buy the ones which flatter your body type and size. Just buying a silk blouse isn’t enough, but you need to care for it so that you can wear it for a longer time.
So now that you know how to buy a silk shirt and how to care for it, go and get those wonderful head turners.