How To Show Off That Beautiful Back

Girls wearing backless dresses
Photo: Sirtravelalot/Shutterstock
Most women think sexy means showing off your legs or exposing a bit (or a lot of) cleavage. Some even throw in a peek at the midriff every once in a while. But few women take advantage of what is often the best body part to show off – the back.
Even if you’re developing a slight tummy, and your legs aren’t waxed and your arms need some toning up – your back could do all the work for you. It could keep up your sexy quotient in brand new ways. Here’s a few tips for the Sexy Back Novice.
Backless Fashion
What is easier or more obvious than that? It’s like wearing a mini to show off your legs! Want to show off your back – wear backless clothes. It could be bold, showing a lot of skin or a comparatively conservative halter neck.
Even a dress with a low back works. And remember those handkerchief tops that you see appearing on the fashion scene every now and then – yep, they work fabulously well too.
Perfectly Waxed and Well Moisturised
Okay...rule of thumb. If you’re going to bring that back out in the open, you need to make sure it’s more than just presentable. Some glamorising is a great idea. You could start with plain old moisturizer to keep your back looking good.
In addition, you can use some bronzer to or some illuminating moisturizer to add the oh-so-natural glow. Glitter is also an awesome way to add some shimmering sexiness but don’t go overboard with it though or it ends up looking cheap.
Work Out
If you intend on making your back the center of your fashion focus, toning it up would be a great idea. Work out a little to get that back in shape so the next time you wear that low-back dress, you’ll have all the men ogling at your back the whole time.
A Bold Statement
Most dresses and tops have their designs and embellishments on the front of the garment, but there are some that concentrate on the back. Some even have witty statements printed on the back of a t shirt rather than the front. By changing the focus of attention to the back of your outfit, you will automatically attract more attention to your gorgeous back. Make sure you give people enough reason to keep looking.
The Extras
With the 80s style tops and dresses so hot right now, little peepholes and tassels at the back of your dress or tee aren’t so much of a rarity. But even without the 80s, you have some very cute tops with peepholes to show off some back. These are a sexy way of giving a sneak peek and leaving the rest to imagination.
And then you have the zippers. It can look a little tacky if not done right. But some dresses look hot when they have a zipper running all the way down the back. This style of makes the dress more figure-hugging I guess, accentuating the sex appeal of the back.
Use a little creativity and show off that back the best you can. Sometimes you can find sexiness in places you least expect it!