How To Show Off Those Beautiful Legs

Woman with beautiful legs and wearing a turtleneck
Photo: Studio GL/Shutterstock
One of the best things about being a girl is that we have such beautiful legs. You don’t have to be a supermodel to have nice legs. Even if you think you have short, stumpy, ugly legs…I still think there’s a lot of potential hidden there that you haven’t explored. Don’t be shy and show off those beautiful legs.
I’ll give you some basic showing-off tips but before that, always remember to take good care of your legs. If you’re showing them off, they should be worth being on display right. You must always remember:
To Wax
No…hairy legs are never sexy. If you’re going to rock that mini, make sure you’ve waxed and your legs are smooth and silky. Whether you wax or shave or use some other way of getting rid of your hair, I don’t really care. All I’m saying is, make sure they’re hair free if you want to put them out on display.
To Moisturize
Dry skin isn’t attractive so make sure you moisturize well. Waxing and shaving especially can make skin very dry. So before you step out, use some moisturizer to keep those legs glowing. You can always use a tinted moisturizer for that little extra but that’s up to you. As long you don’t have dry white patches on your legs, you can still look good.
Once you’ve beautified those legs, here are some fashion tips to put those legs to work.
• Heels
No matter what you’re wearing, if you want to draw attention to your legs – the best way to do it is with a pair of heels. When you’re in heels, you automatically seem more feminine and yes those legs do seem longer too!
• The Miniskirt
The classic mini is the leggy beauty’s favorite piece of clothing. A skirt is feminine, and even better when it’s short. Everyone loves to see some beautiful legs peeking out from under a mini.
• Slit Skirts
If the mini is not your thing, or you’re going someplace where it’s not really appropriate, don’t worry. Wear a skirt with a sexy slit instead. This could be an ankle length skirt with a long slit or a knee length one with a small slit. The sneak peek makes your legs look hotter.
• Sexy & Short (s)
Like the mini, the short shorts are a leggy lass’s must have. They can be casual and flirty and worn with heels, they can even be worn out for a night on the town!
• Skinny Jeans & Pants
Don’t want to show off skin but still want to tell the world what gorgeous legs you have? Skinny jeans and pants are the hottest thing on the fashion scene and what better way to show off those legs?
• Leggy Swimwear
A great swim suit is a nice way to showcase your legs. Pick one that sits low on your hips and you’ll automatically look even better.
Don’t hide away those beautiful legs anymore. Flaunt those beauties all you want. Just look in your wardrobe and I’m sure you’ll find a million different things you can wear to make those sexy legs look sexier. Have fun!