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How To Dress According To Your Body Shape

Every one of us has a body shape. It’s not just about being fat or thin. Certain features and parts of the body are more pronounced in some and more subdued in others. Depending on body features, there are a few standard body shapes that someone came up with. Most women are usually one of these shapes and if you dress in clothes that highlight your body shape – you’re bound to look better right?
The Triangle
Have you heard of a “pear shaped” figure? It’s the same as a triangle figure. If you have a triangle shaped figure, you have a smaller upper body, a not so large waist and your weight is concentrated on your hips and thighs. As far as your butt is concerned, it could go either way. Some triangle figures have large, rounded butts while others are not so rounded.
Dressing for a triangle figure would need balancing and I’ve often seen girls wearing not-so-obvious shoulder pads to even out their upper and lower bodies. It’s worth a shot as long as you don’t look too 1980s. Other ideas would be to wear high necklines to highlight your upper body and bust. Wear tops and dresses that emphasize your waist line instead of your hip. The current trend of wearing belts at the waist rather than the hip is perfect for a triangle body. Also, low rise boot leg pants and jeans can do a good job of slimming your hips and thighs.
The Inverted Triangle
The inverted triangle is obviously the opposite of the triangle and is a “top-heavy” figure. Your bust is probably the largest part of your body. You may or may not have a broad back and shoulders as well. In comparison, your waist and lower body is much narrower.
Obviously, the task here is to de-emphasize your bust which you will do by simply wearing clothes that don’t have very high necklines. I would also avoid collars that are too big as they draw attention unnecessarily. Instead, concentrate on balancing out your lower body by wearing A-line skirts or pants that are slightly flared.
The Rectangle
The rectangle is pretty much a box like straight figure, and the waist is not defined. While the weight is probably spread out over your upper body, your lower body tends to be more slender. Your arms and legs are thin and your bust and hips are proportionate.
Since you don’t have the natural womanly curves, your outfits have to create the illusion of curviness. Do that by wearing clothes with flowing waist and hem lines and A-lines work especially well. Avoid clothes that fit just right – too tight or too loose will definitely make you look boxy. Wear clothes that are slightly tucked in at the waist to create a curve there, and wrap dresses or tops are a great option too.
The Diamond
If you’re diamond shaped, most of the weight in your body is probably concentrated around the midriff. You have narrow shoulders and even your lower body is smaller in comparison to your middle region. You probably have an undefined waistline.
For such a body shape, the ideal way to dress would be to enhance your narrow shoulders and your comparatively leaner legs. So wear well-fitted pants that accentuate your legs. Low necklines or at least V-necks are a great option as they draw the attention to your upper body. Wear longer tops that elongate your middle region and definitely do not tuck them in!
The Oval
The oval and diamond shapes are very similar as they both have large middle regions. However, the oval shape in addition has a larger bust as well. If people have told you, you’re “apple-shaped”; it’s likely you’re either a Diamond or an Oval. With an oval figure, your entire upper body is likely to be bulkier than the rest of your body.
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