Ruffles and How to Wear Them

Woman with her hair up wearing a top with ruffles
Photo: Kiuikson/Shutterstock
Ruffles are one of the hottest trends right now. There is something amazing about them, they are so girly or feminine yet can be sexy and edgy at the same time. Ruffles not only add the glamour quotient to your look but they can also add a lot to your figure and overall shape and size.
Because of this ability of ruffles to make you look fuller, their placement becomes very important. Like with anything else, overindulgence can have reverse effect. So there are a few guidelines that you must keep in mind while dressing up in ruffles.
What type of bodies are ruffles best suited to?
• Ruffles add volume and width to the part where they are worn, so if you are looking for slimming effect a particular part, then don’t wear ruffles on that part.
• On the other hand, ruffles could add balance to your figure by counterbalancing. For example if you have wider hips then you can wear a top ruffled on the shoulders, it makes your shoulders look wider and more in proportion to the hips. Vice versa is true as well.
Ruffled tops
• If you are looking to make your bust look smaller, then don’t wear ruffles in that area. On the other hand, if you are relatively small chested and wish to make it look fuller then ruffles are a great choice.
• However, even for bigger busts it is possible to wear ruffles but only with restraint. A good way to do this is to opt for vertical ruffles that run along a straight line, bisecting your bosom into two. This has lengthening effect and makes your bust look more proportionate.
Ruffles on the bottoms
• Again, ruffles are a great idea if you have slim hips and legs. However make sure to pair your ruffled skirt with a simple top.
• If you are pear shaped with wider hips, then goa for long skirt with vertical ruffles as that will add the lengthening effect to your dress and make your lower half look more proportionate.
Ruffles on the sleeves
• There’s a good reason why many women are not such big fans of ruffles. If you are one of those, then still there is a way that you can wear ruffles without coming across as over the top.
• Tops whose cap sleeves are ruffled have a similar impact as shoulder pads, so they are great for any women with smallish shoulders.
• Also, adding ruffles to the shoulders balances out an A-line skirt.
‘Ruffl-ing’ the accessories
• Since ruffles are ‘the’ trend right now, it might be a good idea to add a splash of ruffles to your accessories, if you don’t want any ruffles on your clothes.
• Ruffled scarves, shoes, purses and jewelry etc are some of the accessories that you can use for this purpose.
Some more handy tips:
• When pairing a ruffled top with a bottom or vice versa always emphasize on streamlining the other half. E.g. A ruffled top would look great with a straight legged jeans. This creates both the balance and the contrast.
• If you want to wear a dress with ruffles all over, try to introduce some skin into your look. E.g. A ruffled knee length dress with spaghetti stripes could be a very good idea as compared to a full length long dress from shoulders to the toes.
So the mantra for looking gorgeous and fashionable in ruffles is to practice restraint and not overindulge. Once you have mastered this art, you can ruffle your way into the heart of the fashion world.