Layering Clothes: How to Do it Right

Layered clothes
Photo: Mis.Uma/Shutterstock
Layering is one technique for dressing up that can be very stylish and chic, and also very practical, depending on your needs. It is of great practical use in winter months when its freezing, so you can start in the morning with a layered outfit to insulate yourself, however as the temperature rises a bit during afternoon, all you have to do is start ripping off the layers one by one!
While layering is a great method to make an optimum use of your wardrobe, one has to be very careful and be adept in the art that layering is. Otherwise you might just end up looking like walking in messed up clothes. That's why in an effort to enlighten you a bit about correct ways for layering, I present to you some tips:
Thinner and longer first
• This is quite a logical and simple rule. The thinner articles like cotton t-shirts, camisoles etc would go first and not the heavier ones like jackets.
• Similarly to achieve best layering effect, its important that, wherever practical, shorter garments are saved for the last. This is because if used first shorter clothing will hide under the longer, and this will kill the layering effect.
Splash some color
• The purpose of layering for fashion is also to make your outfit more fun and colorful. If you go on layering in a single color, that creates a very monotonous and repealing effect, its visually not very appealing.
• Therefore its always a good idea to add some colors. Normally, go from lighter to darker, i.e. lighter color closest to your body and darkest farther.
• That's because lighter color over darker will end up only accentuating the latter and will lose its own effect. E.g. a black blazer over a white shirt is classic whereas vice versa would be quite clunky.
Balance out your height
• One of the many advantages of layering, if used well, is that it can balance out your height.
• If you are taller than normal, then layering helps in breaking down your figure into small parts so it produces an illusion of shortened height. Same is true for those of you with a long waist.
• However girls with shorter heights should stay away from too much layering.
Layer patterns and textures
• Layering is also about balancing out the patterns and textures of various clothes.
• A patterned long sleeved shirt would look great under a plain short sleeved sweater.
• Similarly a satin shirt under a cotton jacket is a classic look as well.
• A short lacy skirt layered over denim jeans is another example of contrasting textures.
For winters
• For winter season when your main aim is to keep warm, start of with an insulating layer like thermal innerwear, then your shirt, t-shirt or blouse etc, then a layer of sweater, pullover etc full or half sleeves and finally the outer layer composed of your jacket or blazer.
• The advantage of doing this is that you can take of a layer at a time when it gets warmer. Finish this look with accessories like a scarf, cap, gloves etc.
Thus we see that layering is a multipurpose tool that can be both stylish and practical. Use these tips and remember to avoid too much layering if it's a very formal event. Happy layering!