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Silk turtleneck - The perfect basic

Luxurious silk turtlenecks are very popular these days. They are just perfect for stylish layering and will bring a lot of extra spirit to your shirt collection. Women, men and kids can wear them.
Silk is the most versatile, breathable and comfortable fiber in the world and it is a natural insulator. Silk possesses the unique ability to draw moisture away from your skin, which makes it perfect for layering. It is light weight and the thinnest natural fiber available.
Silk turtlenecks are most of the time made of spunsilk or filament silk. Spunsilk is a medium to heavy weight knit and perfect for cold weather apparel. Spunsilk looks a bit similar to knit cotton but is at the same time very different because of the shine, feel and elegance that only real silk can offer.
Filament silk maximizes the ability of silk to insulate the body and to wick away moisture. It is lightweight and very strong at the same time. The supple texture makes it perfect for undergarments. The natural stretch makes it very comfortable to wear beneath casual and business clothes and even underneath your action wear. It is gentle and soft next to the skin and, maybe the most important of all, it does not add bulk under your clothes.
Silk turtleneck
Silk turtlenecks
Man and woman wearing a silk turtleneck

Not only the advantages of the texture but also the stylish look make them popular. The shine and texture of a silk turtleneck is very different compared to nylon or cotton turtlenecks. Polyester or polyamide can also look nice, but silk is unique and different. These days silky turtlenecks (some call them rollnecks or polonecks) are available in many different colors and styles.
A silk turtleneck is a very comfortable layering piece for every season. You can of course also wear it on it's own, for a special look with each movement of your body being elegantly reflected in the shiny silk. In this case we would advice you to purchase a slightly oversized turtleneck shirt. Just think of the great looks you can create when combining it with slacks with a nice belt. And how about the combination of the soft and smooth silk and a "rough" jeans? The contrast could not be stronger and we all know that strong contrasts often result in unique fashionable looks.
Layer silk turtlenecks with sweaters, cardigans, blouses, shirts, T-shirts and anything you can think of. Wear them beneath a blazer for a stunning business look. A good alternative for the classic shirt or blouse. V-neck sweaters with a silk turtleneck underneath can look simply gorgeous. The V-form of the neck will slightly push to the silk of the turtleneck, resulting in a nice movement of the silk. Wear it under a buttonfront shirt or blouse and leave several or all the buttons undone.
The turtlenecks can be worn unfolded for a crushneck look. Crush necks are very trendy these days. There's a sort of contrast in it. The unfolded collar looks casual and at the same time the crushed silk looks elegant and very attractive. Funnel neck tops will give about the same effect.
Silk turtlenecks are also perfect to wear under a wool turtleneck sweater, to keep the sometimes itchy wool away from your neck. Here it can be handy to wear them with the collar unfolded.
As you can see there are numerous reasons to buy yourself one or more silk turtlenecks. They are not always easy to find in shops, but on the Internet you will find them without too much trouble. Visit WinterSilks for a good online source for silk turtlenecks