Stripes: How To Look Good In Them

Girl wearing a striped shirt
Photo: MRProduction/Shutterstock
Stripes! They never ever go out of fashion do they? It’s like black…no matter how many colors insist they are the “new black”, black will always be black and on the safe fashion list.
Okay, so you can go wrong with stripes some times, but what I’m trying to say is, they never really go out of fashion. But right now, they’re actually quite fashionable too. I mean have a look around and you’ll see quite a few of your fave celebs out and about sporting the stripey look.
Here are some fashion favorites that look good in stripes.
• Striped Tees
Ever tried walking into Tommy Hilfiger and not spotting a striped tee? Seriously…striped tees will always be cool, for both men and women. For me it’s perfect to get a casual yet chic look. I would wear a blue and white striped tee with a pair of dark wash jeans. To complete the look, I’d put on a pair of Chucks and if I’m in the mood even wear a baseball hat.
If you’re not a fan of Chuck Taylor’s, you could even go with ballet flats. I did spot a pic of Cameron Diaz somewhere recently, looking great in her jeans, striped tee and ballet flats. A casual jacket completed the look.
• Striped Shirts
The preppy look and boyfriend style isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. Pin stripes, bold stripes, multi colored stripes…take your pick. Stripes look fabulous on a crisp shirt so work it baby. Wear it to work or wear it with a pair of jeans for a less formal look. Throw on a vest over the shirt or even a waistcoat’s good. Striped shirts are it!
• Striped Tops
Stripes are either casual t-shirts or very severe formal shirts right? Nope, wrong! Even party clothes are getting stripey. Did you see that Charlize Theron outfit where she wore a gorgeous black and white striped top with her skinny black pants? Man…she was working it. She completed the gorgeous look with a black jacket and black heels.
• Striped Dresses
Striped dresses can be sexy and playful all at the same time. A striped only outfit was not something I was too sure about. But I saw a pic of Paris and Nicky Hilton and they seemed to have pulled it off really well. I also spotted a Liz Hurley photo with her in a full length V-neck striped dress. If you’re trying to disguise that bust and some fat, a V-neck vertical striped dress is fabulous!
• Striped Bags
If Posh Becks (Victoria Beckham) is flaunting it, you know it’s right up there in the fashion echelons. She’s been spotted with a striped tote arm candy so you know that stripes aren’t limited to just clothes any more. With summer creeping up on us, the striped bags are perfect for a casual summery look. And of course, striped beach bags rule!
Stripes don’t usually feature on a wardrobe must have list but I think they should. A good striped tee or shirt can really be evergreen so if you haven’t got any stripes in your wardrobe, I’d suggest you stock up while it’s still so hot on the fashion streets.