Same Jeans, Different Looks

Back view of women wearing jeans
Photo: Syda Productions/Shutterstock
Diamonds, they say, are a girl’s best friend…hmmm…..maybe, but if you go by the conventional wisdom hidden in ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’, then it has to be a pair of good old jeans that is a girl’s best friend. Exaggeration? No. Jeans is the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe.
Don’t know what to wear for this afternoon’s lunch date? Fall back upon your favourite jeans. Need something classy urgently for tonight’s dinner with those all important clients? That pair of jeans again comes to your rescue! The underlying wisdom here is: Use it the way you want, just be imaginative.
I have divided the different ways to wear a pair of jeans into three broad subcategories:
Jeans for the office
Wearing jeans for the office might seem tricky but all it takes is a bit of practice. Just temper the normal style with a bit of moderation and restraint et voila, you are ready for the next casual Friday.
• As a thumb rule always go for dark, well tailored jeans for office.
• Slick black heels coupled with your regular jeans and a white button down shirt on top. Top it off with minimalistic accessories like a tiny bit of gold jewelry, a tan bag etc.
• A collared jacket could be a great way to render the tee-and-jeans combination appropriate for office.
• During winters, go for layering. E.g. A cardigan with a button-down Shirt and a tee would pair very well with your jeans. Finish off the look with low heels and a sleek leather handbag.
Jeans for nights out
Dressier evening occasions demand something sexy and polished. Its not only that black dress of yours which can do the job of making you look sophisticated, denim can do it just as well, if not better.
• A bead top with black jersey coupled with a beaded shirt overlay goes very well with the regular blue denim, finish the smoldering look with sexy black sandals.
• A tiered tank top with ruffles creates a girly look only to be offset by denim jeans. Great contrast, perfect for a ladies’ night out.
• Create a cuff by rolling up your blue jeans and then wear those mid calf black leather boots. Finish off with a stylish orange sweater. Simple yet sizzling!
• A shiny, short leather jacket in a bright and bold color combined with low rise jeans. Finish with a low slung metallic colored glittery belt to draw attention to those curvaceous hips. The effect is stunning and for all to see!
• A longish and flowing bright colored satin camisole with a glittery embellishment combined with denim jeans. Finish off with a minimalistic yet trendy necklace. This one will raise the mercury levels very fast.
• Go ethnic with an ethnic tunic and a pair of jeans. Finish off the ethnic look with bangles and a straw handbag. Ethnic + Jeans = Wonderful.
General out and about with jeans
• Do the unexpected. Take out that lacy short skirt of yours and layer it over your jeans like a belt. Peppy and novel!
• A turtle necked top with cuffed up jeans. Finish off with flats and a beaded necklace. This is as chic as it gets.
• Get in wide legged jeans with an oversized grayish sweater for chilly afternoons. Round up with a pair of round shoes. This one is simple yet hip.
• Tuck your jeans into the long black boots. Use a full sleeves round neck T-shirt.
Finish off with a black leather belt with metallic beads. Smart and sexy!
These are just a few basic examples and ideas to give you an overview of how a single pair of jeans can be used to create such myriad looks suited to a variety of occasions. Possibilities are immense, keep on experimenting. Now you see what I meant when I said that jeans are a girl’s best friend!