Look Younger with Short Hair

Woman with short hair
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Does short hair really make you look younger?
There are no more rules for "age appropriate" haircuts or lengths of hair in our time. But there seems to be a certain magic in short haircuts that captivates women of all ages and of course the men who admire them.
This kind of magic is not that miraculous at all, it can be understood by looking at its roots in estethics and also in psychology. It is the shape of the style that can turn a haircut into a „fountain of youth“, but also the way this new hairstyle will make a woman feel is a huge factor.
Radiance makes us look Younger
Ever noticed that beautiful women radiate and just make you look twice? It does not matter whether they are young or old, what face shape they have and how many wrinkles speak about the stories of their lives. Beauty truly comes from the inside and a woman who feels great in her own skin, who is happy with her life, contend and of a positive spirit, will always radiate beauty. A haircut is just one little element, but one that should not be underestimated.
My grandmother used to say:“ If your hair is good, then it does not even matter what you wear.“ A good cut makes us feel attractive, just like a pair of sinfully expensive new pumps. And short hair adds to our well-being on many levels. One is that they are just cute.
Short hair is practical, it keeps us cool, does not take long to fix and it gives us more time to enjoy the rest of our lifes. And that is where the radiance comes in. It cannot be stressed enough, this very simple secret: If you feel beautiful and happy, then you radiate and others will pick up on it.
Over the last decades something truly revolutionary happened to short hair. It became sexy. We have to thank creative Coiffeurs like Vidal Sasson and the first women who donned their irresistible pixie cuts in the 60s. Those haircuts are still just as alluring today as they were then.
Instant Face Lift with the right Haircut
Long hair, if not cut and styled right can have an aging effect on some women and that just has to do with estethics, vertical and horizental lines, points of focus and the balance of it all. If the hair is just parted and hangs down on both sides, it creates a vertical focus and adds more gravity to the face. Especially when the skin gets a bit softer along the jaw line this can be rather unbecoming. By wearing the hair short the focus of the eyes goes upward, fine textures, wispy ends and a little volume on top shift the entire weight of the look and, voila, ten years are gone!
Short haircuts with soft lines and cool textures are just as much fun to wear as they are to look at. They give a woman a feisty, confident edge, make her look self assured, strong and modern. They take the attention away from fine lines around the eyes or around the lips and the best part of all, they can be changed as the mood demands it.
You can go from nice girl to wild babe in seconds, just by changing the direction of the hair and since it is short and grows back quick, changes in color are easier also, without the risk of damaging hair that took years to grow. So all in all … short cuts are fun. Fun makes us happy, and when we are happy, we are beautiful.
Just take a look at some celebrities who look good with their very short hair.
Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin with long hair
Ginnifer Goodwin's long hair - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
Ginnifer Goodwin with a pixie cut
Ginnifer Goodwin's pixie cut - Photo: Joe Seer/Shutterstock
Still a younger woman, the comparison of Ginnifer Goodwin's long hair and her charming short haircut show what this article is about. The lines of her face, her jaw line and cheekbones are pointing upward with the short tresses, whereas in the first picture her expression is a bit more drab and indeed older.
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