Meet the Clippers

Woman shaving her own head
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Over the past few years, it seems as though women are going for a bit more of a tomboy look, beyond the pixie cut. They are now incorporating somewhat of an undercut or shaved section in their hair, whether it be long or short. Clipper cuts for women are no longer an exception.
Several celebrities took the plunge: Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, Rosario Dawson, P!nk, and Katy Perry who left the top of their hair longer and shaved underneath. Kesha, Demi Lovato, and Ellie Goulding chose to just shave one side of their hair, leaving the rest shoulder-length or longer.
Kelly Osbourne has been the main showstopper when it comes to meeting the clippers as she has always experimented with them. She took the plunge a few years back when she gave herself somewhat of a mohawk, buzzed all around down to the scalp while the rest of her hair wavered between chin and shoulder length. She would even include a short and sharp fringe to the front to change things up. It worked for her as Osbourne used her buzzed sides to add a few tattoos to represent her funky style.
This may have inspired women to go for a dramatic change, and I even took the plunge and shaved the sides of my head. It was a fun adrenaline rush, but because I have thick, Russian-curly hair, the maintenance became uncomfortable. To add to that, I also have color-treated hair so after a certain point, my natural dark roots would start to show through and it seemed like I just couldn't win. Here are some reasons why you should try a buzz cut (clipper cut) and why you might want to consider an alternative.
Miley Cyrus with shaved hair
Miley Cyrus - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
Short hair is liberating, and the fact that the style is seemingly to shave your head while still having hair is a brilliant concept. Furthermore, adding a quick buzz under your hair or on the side that slightly peeks out can add a little mystery and a secret that only you know about and can show when you want to be a bit more rebellious.
It is amazing how gorgeous Scarlett Johansson has made the undercut, so much so that Katy Perry decided to take the plunge and copy the look, feeling that if someone as gorgeous as Scarlett could pull off this look, so could she. Seeing how versatile Kelly Osbourne's hair is can definitely make you want to reach for the clippers as she can wear her hair long and nobody even suspects that underneath, she's completely buzzed.
Scarlett Johansson with shaved hair
Scarlett Johansson - Photo: lev radin/Shutterstock
Rosario Dawson with shaved hair
Rosario Dawson - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
It's something so daring and slightly taboo, yet fun and fresh, especially in the summer when you want the freedom. I am a fan of the undercut, I am a fan of clippers, and I am a fan of the celebrities who have taken the leap and shown women that it is okay to step outside of the box. Unfortunately, there is a lot that goes into the aftermath of a clipper cut and you need to keep all of this in mind before you sit in your stylist’s chair and enjoy the feeling of the clippers.
Yes, a stylist should be the one to create this new look for you, especially if it is a complete undercut because the average human cannot reach the back of their head properly with clippers and achieve an even length. Additionally, your stylist can tell you what clipper number they will be using based on how often you want to come back to the salon for maintenance.
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