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Ideas for Short Hairstyles

Sexy Short Hair
Advice on how to make the most of a short hair cut so you are brimming with confidence, vitality, youth and above all sex appeal.
Shaving Your Head
There are a lot of pros to shaving your head, whether you are a male or female, that you may not even realize because it is something so completely out of your realm that it has not even crossed your mind.
Short Hairstyles to Suit Everyone
No one should fear getting their hair cut short, because there is a shorter style that will work for everyone. It comes down to finding the right short cut to suit the shape of your face.
The Bob Haircut
The low-risk short hairstyle for those who want to try a new look. Many women can easily wear a bob cut well. The bob is a very versatile style that can be adjusted easily to accommodate a variety of needs.
The Dramatic Cut
Changing your hairstyle from long to short can be fun ... and nerve-wracking. A few steps to get you started down the road to shorter hair.
Taking the Plunge
The drastic step when going from long to (very) short hair.
Up-Style for Short Hair
Chin-length hair can be swept up into a pleasing up-style with patience and a little imagination.
Why Do Women Cut Their Hair Short?
Women’s short hairstyles and the motives behind them. Dramatic changes in style and look do generally accompany a shift in a woman’s sense of identity.
Why Hairdressers Prefer Short Hair
The reasons why hairdressers are generally in favor of short hairstyles. Why hair stylists might try to encourage you into a shorter style.
Your Hair and Men
Do men prefer shiny long locks or can a cute short haircut please them also?
Bob Hairstyles
Bob hairstyles are very versatile and there are many different types of bobbed hairdos.
Crops for Girls
New York City hair salon that specializes in short haircuts for women.
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