Hair off the Collar

Woman wearing her buttoned shirt with the collar turned up
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You will find it in military hair regulations: "Hair must be off the collar and away from the ears." However, we are not in the army and are not discussing hairstyles for men. We are on a hair fashion website and discussing hairdos for women. So, why the "strict" off the collar statement? Well, simply because off the collar haircuts can be very cute, attractive, trendy, and sexy. It's tidy, of course, and very comfortable.
One of the most attractive features of a button-front shirt or blouse is the collar. It's a shame to see how it is so often hidden behind long strands of hair. Some buy a gorgeous fashion shirt with a nice print at the back... and then hide the print behind waist length hair. If you don't want to cut your hair short, then an up style or a ponytail would be an excellent solution to keep your long hair while also exposing the print on the back of your shirt. The buttons of your blouse and long hair don't always go together very well.
Has it ever happened to you that some strands of your long hair have gotten hooked behind one of the buttons? It's not a very attractive look!
Off the collar hair for women
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Off-the-collar haircuts don't always need to be very short. Just off-the-collar is attractive too. Do you recall the look of Tea Leoni in Deep Impact? She wore casual button-front shirts, a necklace, and a skirt throughout almost the entire movie. She looked stunning, not only because of her clothes, but mainly because of her just-off-the-collar bob. The ends of her hair were constantly flirting with the collar of her shirt.
Are you ready to sport the off-the-collar look? Is this a good idea for your next visit to the hair stylist? Leave your turtleneck in the wardrobe, button up that beautiful blouse, go to the hair salon and say the magical phrase: "Off the collar please." You will love your short hairstyle and enjoy doing things with the collar of your blouse. Turn up the collar of your blouse for more style or push it back to show off your beautiful neck. It is a really cute look and refreshing for your neck at the same time.
How about wearing a polo shirt instead of a casual T-shirt this summer? Enjoy the comfort of a T-shirt, but also the beauty of the row of buttons and the versatility of the collar.
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