11 Reasons to Get a Short Haircut

Woman with short hair wearing a white collared shirt
Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock
Admit it, after years of being weighed down by your long mane of opulence, you are flirting with the thought of getting a short haircut, but you don't have the courage yet? You are not sure if a short cut would look good on you, and perhaps you are scared of taking such an extreme step and don't want to shock your friends and loved ones.
There are many things to consider when you are planning to get a new haircut, especially one that will change your entire appearance. The longer your hair is now, the bigger the "wow" effect will be.
You can feel your confidence growing, and you find yourself looking more and more often at photos of sassy short haircuts. You are already holding your hair up in front of the mirror every day to imagine yourself with short hair? Then you are really ready to cut your hair short and all you need is just a little more motivation to really face the scissors!
Here are the 11 best reasons to cut your hair:
1. It looks more professional
There is no doubt that many employers or clients often prefer candidates with a chic, short haircut. A trendy look tells them that the person who wears it is confident, takes care of themselves, is dynamic, practical, efficient, modern, and open to new ideas. Use the momentum of the first impression to your advantage.
2. It is more versatile
Many short haircuts have a lot of different styling options that are all easy to do. You can wear it snug and sleek, spiked up, or sassy with a wispy texture. A little dab of styling product is usually enough to get a new look every day. Additionally, the new growth in short hair is very evident quickly, making it possible to get a different type of cut more often.
3. It heals a broken heart
Had to say goodbye to your lover, friend, or partner, or all in one? That is often the time when women do something radical to their exterior, hoping to soothe the interior as well. It can work and help you gain a new confidence and outlook, but you may want to sleep on it a couple of nights and don't make a sudden, impulsive decision. If you still think it is right, then go for those scissors and enjoy every moment of it! Cut him out of your life and out of your hair…
Side view of a stylish short haircut for women
Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock
4. It shows the world that you changed your life
Have you just begun a new chapter in your life? Perhaps you have moved to a new place, found a new job, or lost a bunch of weight? Then you want everyone to know and make a visual statement.
Maybe you're planning big changes in your life and surroundings? Then getting started with your hair is a strong affirmation to yourself and a sign for everyone else that more exciting surprises are on their way. It's your time now. Don't dream it, do it!
5. It saves time
Imagine jumping into the shower and getting out twice as quickly. Drying time for your sweet new do is cut in less than half. Some short hairstyles just need to be rubbed with a towel and will air-dry in no time. No strenuous combing out of the tangles and long brushing sessions. You won't miss those!
6. It matches your active lifestyle
Low maintenance is one of the most convincing arguments for a short haircut. If you are sporty and enjoy any kind of exercise, then you might get tired of the perpetual ponytail. With a short haircut, nothing will stand in your way, slap you in the face, or slow you down when you're swimming. Get out of the gym quicker and enjoy more of your evening!
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