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Pixie cuts
Pixie Cut. Such a sweet little name, right? Wrong. Pixie cuts have been worn by the most daring and revolutionary women throughout the ages. Those who demand to stand out from a crowd, who follow their own heads and give free reigns to their imaginations. A typical pixie cut is a short hairstyle worn by women. It is characteristically short at the back, while longer on top and at the sides.
Most agree that the Pixie sprang to life in the 1950’s when the legendary Audrey Hepburn breathed life into the concept. After that, the torch was carried forward by British supermodel Twiggy and actress Mia Farrow. Even after more than 60 years, the flame of the pixie cut still burns bright, while stars such as Miley and Jennifer Lawrence are among those who keep adding fuel to its fire.
Miley Cyrus used the switch to a platinum pixie-cut as a stepping-stone to become one of the most recognized and successful musicians and style-icons of her time. By chopping her hair off in a time where most other female musicians were flaunting their long tresses, she managed to grab everyone’s attention and carve out a niche for herself where she’s adored by millions of edgy and contemporary fans.
Jennifer Lawrence once again flaunted her no-care attitude by cutting off her locks in a time where most female movie stars wear their hair long and silky. It takes guts and risk to chop off your hair, but there’s no gain without some sort of risk.
And you should always take into consideration that some women actually look better with shorter hair, despite the fact that most women perceive long hair as more desirable in contrast to short hair. Short hair conveys a perception of youthfulness, style and individuality. When you really start to think about it and begin to seriously consider it, you’ll start to realize that there are a lot of advantages to cutting your hair short!
Easy To Wear
Perhaps one of the main reasons that the pixie cut remains so popular is the fact that it is extremely easy and relatively inexpensive to maintain. It works well with most hair types, even fine or thin hair, which is notoriously hard to handle.
This is because the short cut automatically gives more lift at the root of the hair because of the fact that the short structure of the hair shaft doesn’t weight the root down. This in turn gives the optical illusion of more body and dimension.
If you have oily or greasy hair, you’ll know how time-consuming and expensive it can be to keep your hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. Long hair needs lots of shampoo, conditioner and treatments to keep it looking and feeling good. It also takes up most of your preparation time to blow-dry flat-iron or curl those long tresses every time you have to get ready, whether it be for work or play.
The pixie cut could potentially be the perfect cut for you, as it is the ultimately stylish wash and go style, easily cutting your morning- or evening primping time in half. Pixie cuts always work perfect with jeweled collars, open-collared shirts or a top with a low neckline. This means that you’ll easily be able tailor your hairstyle with your clothes, to create a collaborated appearance, matching the tone you want to set every time.
The pixie cut also has the almost magical ability to make you feel refreshed and liberated. If a change is as good as a holiday, than the pixie cut will make you feel as if you’ve had an extended sabbatical! The pixie cut has a refreshing and youthful effect on facial features. It can instantly change your whole image from dreary and dull to stylish and edgy.
Makeover for a New You
This is also one of the most powerful tools to get over one of life’s more severe disappointments, such as a serious break-up or getting laid off from work. A positive change in your physical appearance always helps to reinforce the idea of the person that you strive to be.
Cutting your hair into a classy pixie style will boost your confidence and self-motivation, especially in the sense that it sets you free from a lot of emotional baggage in an emotional way.
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