Wash and Go Hairstyles

Woman towel drying her hair after washing it
The snooze button is your friend in the morning and you'd rather roll around one more time instead of spending a long time to getting ready and styling your hair? Join the club! Many women are tired of hot and cold styling tools and all the time it takes to get a specific look. Good news is that you don't have to sacrifice style when you are short on time.
Wash and Go hairstyles come in every length and in many shapes and forms. We took a look at some of the most popular looks that will make you look beautiful without taking too much time out of your busy schedule.
Pretty much all hairstyles that take you just a few minutes to get ready can qualify as wash and go hairstyles. This even includes cute up-styles, ponytails and braids.
Before you get your hair cut, explain to the stylist that you want it to be an easy wash and wear style. He or she will then have to pay extra attention to the natural texture of your hair, the type of hair you have and whether there are any challenges concerning the direction of the hair that are caused by hair whorls, also called cowlicks. The new haircut has to include all of the different elements and the natural fall and flow of your hair, so that you don't have to fight it.
Wash and Go Ideas for Long Hair
Typically wash and go hairstyles are considered to be in the short to medium long range. But there are surprising options for long hair as well.
With a long layered cut you have one of the easiest wash and wear choices. The hair is cut and textured to create a lot of movement in the style. Just because of that layered haircuts are so forgiving. Wash it, towel dry and air dry it, give your hair a little shake and tousle with your fingers and perhaps a touch of hairspray and you are ready for the world. It will still look good when slept on and with just a little mist of water, combing with a wide toothed comb and some finger styling you'll be up and running in no time.
If you have naturally straight hair and like to wear it sleek, consider some texture in the tips, keep your smoothing lotion close, blow dry the hair until it is only damp, comb through and let it air dry. How easy is that? For a quick wash and wear version, just grab a hair elastic and bind your bundle into a pretty ponytail. To jazz it up, use a strand of your hair to wrap around the base of the ponytail and you'll have an instant, timeless and elegant look.
For a bit more glam gather your hair in the back and bind it to a loose chignon. Easy, quick and beautiful. Keep it a bit messy, with a few strands hanging out on the side for a modern, sexy look.
Medium Long Hair
When retro is one of your favorite fashion themes, take a new look at the shag cut. Layers in various lengths give the hair a lot of texture and most of all movement. This look can be styled with your fingers, does not have to be blow dried or be touched with any hot instrument. A dollop of mousse is sufficient to give you the spunk and energetic expression that will carry you through your busy day without ever falling flat.
Certain versions of bob haircuts are perfect for a wash and wear scenario. Those are the bobs that have texture, perhaps light layers and are just cut to perfection. Wash them, brush them, shake them and out the door you go. A bob with a forward angle and a slight undercut also works great, especially for fine hair. It does not have to be styled much, the shape and a good cut work for themselves. A touch of shine serum will add more glitz and glam to the classic look.
Short Hair
The days of the blow dried and heavily styled short hairstyles are over and we have a huge range of fun, sporty, chic and feisty short looks to pick from.
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