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The Mane Ends

       Look in your mirror just for fun and examine the ends of your hair. Do they look like strings when they lay over your shoulders? Is it because of the trendy haircut you just had, but in truth it doesn’t really swing with you?
       Most people want their hair to look rich, healthy and full. This is needful to be considered when you get a haircut. Following the latest trends does not mean this will bring out the most for you, sometimes more often than not, you could discover a disappointing mishap of how that trendy do takes away from your original beauty.
       Stringy ends, no matter how you look at them are still strings. They can be given through thinning shears, a razor cut or texturizing. This rage has no substance in competition when compared to a sexy fullness on the ends of a mane.
hair along side of the face        Thin fine wisps of hair are fine along side of the face, especially when your face is small, this will bring your needed fullness because your hair won’t be overpowering your features. If you desire an unkempt look, then, maybe the strings would be right for you. Stringed ends exaggerate the look of thinness, and if you look closely you will see about an inch or inch and one half that are only strings on short hair. In the inner layer you will still see a certain amount of fullness, or suppose to see. Heavily textured ends that spring up are hoping to give a delicate feminine appearance. Unless you have a perfect shaped face like celebrity Lisa Rinna, you will find it is just not for everyone.
       Ends that are angled smoothly and thickly chopped at the sides can be very attractive if the hair has the right texture. A coarse texture that has been conditioned with a moisturizer and products used to smooth the cuticle will look good, because of the fullness. This same type of hair looks good when curled with the curling iron that is so in today. It is important to pay attention to your ends. What are they looking like after that haircut? What type of texture do you have? And, can you wear this? With coarse hair, you can be enterprisingly daring and exhibit those ends with just a shade darker then your natural color. Depending upon the color you select could bring out your eyes. Eyes to ends, ends to eyes, if you have dark brown eyes and an overall blonde color and decide to darken your ends you will notice an almost invisible connection between your eyes and that color, painting a richer color to your eyes. A grand example of this artwork is blue eyed Carmen Electra as she chooses not to be just another blonde bombshell. Her very latest look has the reddish brown new growth with the platinum middle and the reddish brown ends. Very becoming to her blue eyes and high cheek bones.
       Want to take away some of your long neck? Some of us have too much length. Bring your full layered ends circled around so they are laying against it. This looks best if it is angled. To achieve this use a good smoothing lotion or gel and a large round brush. Brush the hair with small sections at a time with your blow dryer. Move the brush carrying your hair under toward where you would like the hair to go, in this case around your neck. Good trick! Then smooth again with your hands.
       You could decide on a three way color connection. For example, if you have new growth coming in and would like to keep your new growth that color, match your ends with the same color. You will have real pizzazz as it matches your eyebrows. There you have the three way connection. Just one glimpse and you will be totally in sync, from top, middle and ends. If you are not happy with your natural color, be daring and change it! How about a lovely reddish brown? Match your eyebrows and ends with your new growth and you will be a portrait of fine art. A word of wisdom is advised, to not attempt this project yourself because this requires detailed work from a professional.
       Do you love your long hair and are a conservative by heart? You’d like a smooth look, something not too fluffy? One of the most important things for you to think about is your texture. If you have thin, fine hair you will need loads of gel and volumizer to bring that hair up and out to smooth it into the direction where you want it to be.Use your hands like the tools they are. With a spray to set in your style and a good medium sized round or flat brush and perhaps a medium curling iron circled towards your face would give the appearance of having much more hair than you really do. With all that, your ends should look thick if you have that perfect cut.
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