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What am I going to do with my Hair?

      This scene takes place around the world, in various households as mothers get ready for work.
      You look in the mirror and a deluge of despair floods your emotions, because there is only 15 minutes left and you should be on your way to work. You've set your hair in the usual mundane settings with the hot rollers, but this time; it just isn't combing out the way it should. So, you've combed and brushed your hair expecting a miracle to happen, but your hair is lying all wrong this morning. Is one eyebrow thicker than the other, what's up with that, and do I see a zit on my chin? How old do you have to be for zits to stop appearing on your face? As if that isn't enough, nothing looks right when you try it on. Is it your imagination or is that dress just a little bit too tight? Did you wash it in hot water and did it shrink? You hope it wasn't the banana split you went ecstatic over the other night.
skateboard straight hair Now, the dog has to go outside and the baby is crying; which is the exact temptation you would like to give into for the moment. However, throwing yourself on the bed and pitching a fit won't make you harness your hair, zap the zit, shrink your torso or stretch your skirt. Indeed if it did, it would be under the category of the wonders of modern science and have a webpage all to its own. Things just do not happen that way; if they did, all women would be doing it regularly and even devise their schedule to accommodate the time for the weight loss tantrum. One small reward, is knowing that at least you do not take your size 7 tags out of your small dresses and re-sew them onto your now size 14 like some of your so called friends are doing.
      Perhaps the moment should be seized for what it is and recognized that it is time to shop around for a new hairstyle. Not to mention giving up a few goodies that made your dress shrink in the first place. Let's see, if your Aunts and Uncles have always said you have a sweet pudgy face. It is probably because they kept pinching your cheeks when you were a youngster saying "you are so-o cute!" Ouch that hurt! We can blame them for the apple cheeks we have today. What type of hairstyle can someone like us "apple cheeked sexy girls" have? In the first place, stop fighting your apple cheeks. Stop fighting your straight or curly hair and make the most of it.
If you have apple cheeks, put some darker bronzer underneath those suckers and bring them out to be the best apple cheeks anyone has yet to see! When you smile, you will knock people over a mile! If you've got gorgeous skateboard straight hair with apple cheeks, why not go for the Dutch boy or bob hairstyle? I tell you, haven't you ever heard of Dutch Apple pie? Some men like cute better than beautiful. Cute can be sexy. Beautiful can be difficult for them and being gorgeous can be intimidating. Aren't you glad we don't really have those problems? Men like us for our cutesy apple cheeks and extremely fine tuned brains, not to mention the hilarity in our character. In short, all apple cheekers are fun to be with girls!
      What if you have natural curly hair and those apple dapples? Have your hair cut into a semi bob. This means half way up your neckline and on the very bottom is in layers. Watch those curls bounce and jump up, simply flattering everything about your face and that includes the apples! Can just a haircut do all of this? You bet your apples it can! Be proud of your apple cheeks and your hair. Hey, some girls just do not have any cheeks. If you can balance a coin on the top of your cheeks, you know you have the apples. Show them off! Style a large c curl along your sides to lie and point to the tip of the apples. Tint the tip of your hair on the sides a coppery red to give center stage to your cheeks. There are so many ways to accent your positive.
      Ah yes, this is the year you've finally made up your mind to do something different to your hair and it all started that bright sunny morning when your hair rebelled from it's usual compliant hairstyle. If your hair could have said something to you that morning, it may have gone like this;
Hair: "I wish you'd just stop that! What are you trying to do with me?
You: Whining "I want you to go the same way, you usually go."
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