What Makes a Hairstyle Stylish

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Style and stylish are the most commonly used words when it comes to describing hair or an outfit. But what is it that makes something stylish? Is it enough to just have the latest look, right out of a fashion magazine, or is there more to it?
Some women seem to effortlessly have that "je ne sais quoi," that special element that no one can describe but everyone knows is there. And when you look around, you will notice that this phenomenon of a naturally "stylish look" includes women of all ages, all walks of life, and with very different fashion habits.
Of course, a good haircut helps a lot. That might only be the beginning. Even the best cut does not look its best when it is on the wrong head. So the most important of these basic thoughts is:
Find the Perfect Haircut for your Type
Collaborate with your hairdresser to explore your features and find the best shape that will flatter your beauty. Whether your hair is short or long doesn't matter, as long as it reflects "you" – an expression of your personality – and is shaped to balance or enhance your features.
Keep up the Maintenance
Ensure you have enough time and skill to style and maintain your new hairstyle. Having a fancy cut is futile if you can't replicate the blow-drying technique or the fun gel styling at home. A key aspect of a "stylish" appearance is a polished look that includes having quality styling products on hand.
Put in the extra Effort
A little effort can elevate a dull appearance. Sometimes, something as simple as a good brushing or a hair accessory can work wonders. Maintain neatness by scheduling regular maintenance cuts to prevent split ends and uneven edges.
There are no Bad Hair Days
Dismiss the notion of sudden bad hair days. There's only hair that's neglected, and often, a lack of time and patience can be the difference between looking chic and feeling down. If you're pressed for time or unable to wash or style your hair, consider experimenting with a fun hat, a stylish updo, a ponytail, or a trendy bandana to create a fresh look.
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Clothes and Hairstyle
For a polished appearance, the synchronization between clothes and hairstyle is crucial. It's all about achieving balance and employing techniques to highlight your best features while toning down any challenging areas. The classic favorite, turtlenecks, is making a comeback and pairs well with a chic short cut, a bob, or a style that shows off the ears. Similarly, blouses with high collars complement longer hairstyles, although this ultimately depends on the individual's overall proportions.
Imagine a heavily ruffled top with considerable bulk and movement, paired with a long, lavish, and curly mane. This combination overwhelms the individual, and regardless of how fantastic the hair or exquisite the top may be, they do not complement each other and fall short of being stylish. Also, a conservative pleated dress may not align well with an edgy short cut, and vice versa. Therefore, view "stylishness" holistically, considering all fashion elements you adorn your body with. Maintain balance and pay attention to proportions.
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