What Makes a Hairstyle Stylish

Woman with a stylish short hairstyle wearing a turtleneck
Style and stylish are the most often used words when it comes to describing hair or an outfit. But what is it that makes something stylish? Is it enough to just have the latest look, right out of a fashion magazine or is there more to it?
Some women seem to effortlessly have that “je ne sais quoi”, that special element that no one can describe but everyone knows it there. And when you look around, you will notice that this phenomenon of a naturally “stylish look” includes women of all ages; all walks of life and with very different fashion habits.
Of course a good haircut helps a lot. That might only be the beginning. Even the best cut does not shine when it is on the wrong head. So the most important of these basic thoughts is:
Find the Perfect Haircut for your Type
Together with your hairdresser explore your features and find the best shape that will flatter your beauty. Short or long does not matter, as long as it is “you”, an expression of your personality and shaped to balance or enhance your shape.
Keep up the Maintenance
Make sure you have enough time and skills to style and take care of your new hairstyle. It is no use to have a fancy cut and you cannot repeat the blow drying technique or the fun gel styling when you are at home. One element of a “stylish” appearance is a finished look that includes keeping some good styling liquids and sprays around.
Put in the extra Effort
It does not take much to make drab look on top. Sometimes a tiny effort like a good brushing and a piece of hair-jewelry can do the trick. Keep the hair neat by getting your regular maintenance cut to avoid split ends and ragged edges.
There are no Bad Hair Days
Forget the myth of the sudden attack of a bad hair day. There is only hair that is uncared for and often a lack of time and patience can make the difference between sassy and sad. If you are in a rush, cannot wash or style your hair, try a fun hat, a cute up-do, a ponytail or a cool bandana to create a different look.
Clothes and Hairstyle
Brunette wearing a yellow blouse
For a polished look the way that the clothes and the hairstyle harmonize is most important. Again it is all about the balance and to attract or distract in order to bring out your best and tone down the challenge areas. The long time favorite turtlenecks are back in style and they look great with a snazzy short cut, a bob or an ear-bearing style. The same goes for blouses with high collars. Low cut dresses with or without sleeves do well with longer hairstyles, but that again depends on the general proportions of the person.
Picture a heavily ruffled top with a lot of bulk and movement, then add a long, opulent and curly mane. This combination swallows the whole person and no matter how great the hair or how exquisite the top is, it just does not go well together and far from stylish. Also a conservative pleated dress might not benefit in the overall look from a punky short cut and vice versa. So look at “stylish” in an overall sense, incorporating all elements of fashion that you put on your body. So keep the balance and watch the proportions.
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