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Sometimes, I think that keeping my hair in a cute pixie would be so much easier for so many reasons, one of them being gym maintenance. I am the type of girl that feels like I need to immediately shower right after working out because all that sweat just grosses me out and I know that I am not alone.
Showers, gym, and sweat seem to go hand in hand which is why the shorter the hair, the quicker the cleanup. But what happens when the only time you have to get your pilates on is during your lunch break from work or when you are in between work and school or work/school and a night out? You get a solid hour, the gym is around the corner and you are desperate to just take twenty minutes to yourself but you wonder how you can go from gym sweat back to business casual and still look presentable while not smelling like body odor, especially if you do not have time to shower off the work-out.
Hairstyle for women to workout at the gym

The odor part is seemingly easier to solve as we have body sprays, deodorants, body lotions; a bevy of products specifically made for the skin and scents so ditching the suds is not the end of the world. You might be lucky enough to get a quick rinse off in but what about your hair? What happens to the style that you spent all morning (or maybe the previous night) perfecting? Does that just fall by the wayside because you decided to work out; take a quick run or yoga class?
We have a few cute hair solutions if you do not have the time or luxury of styling post work out so you can look great as you head back to the office, feeling energized as well as glamourous. If you have a pixie cut, you are in luck as all you will need is some pomade or gel to restyle and reset your locks before you clock back in. Cute clips work wonders as well as do headbands and that leads me to headbands specifically.
Headbands are an amazing option when you work out because they are so versatile, colorful or simple and they can be used during or after a work out for a fun and chic look while keeping fly aways at bay. Cute wraps can also be a fun alternative, based on the type of job that you have but I am sure that you can find something that can suit your needs, especially if you pair it with whatever the outfit of the day is. There are some nice bejeweled headbands that can be classy and work wonders.
If you are wondering about dry shampoo since you had to skip a regular washing, experts suggest that you use dry shampoo prior to working out not when your hair is all sweaty as it will just be counterproductive. So, yes, you can bring it but use it earlier on in the day and try to bring a hair dryer with you though many gym locker rooms have them ready for your use as it is best to attempt to get all of the sweat out of your roots after a work-out, especially if you got extra sweaty.
You may not have a lot of time but drying on a cooler temperature will also open the follicle and allow any odors to be released, which will make you feel a tad more confident. If you are among the lucky who have bone straight hair that is naturally anti-frizzy, you can get away with a quick wash and then let your hair air dry, maybe adding a loose ponytail for a fun style but that is all up to you.
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