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When Is It Time To Change Tour Hairstyle?

When was the last time you changed your hairstyle? For some people, dramatic changes in cut, color, or style occur on a fairly regular basis. But others often go many years without significantly altering their hair. However, even if your current hairstyle is flattering to you, it is important to at least make minor updates to ensure that your look is current.
Those who fail to change hairstyles often end up looking dated or out of touch. Very few people want to walk around sporting the exact same style they had in high school. While most people don't cling to a style to such an extreme, there are a few factors you should consider in order to determine if it is time to change your hairstyle.
girl checking her hair before a change 1. How long have you had your current style?
If it has been more than two years since you've made any alterations in your hairstyle, you should seriously consider revamping your look. If you can't remember the last time you changed your hairstyle, make an appointment with a stylist immediately. Start collecting images from magazines of hairstyles that you find appealing and bring them to your appointment. Discuss options with your stylist to determine what style will be flattering to you.
2. Does your hairstyle reflect you?
The best hairstyle for you is one that makes you feel good about yourself. If you feel that you are a successful, accomplished person, your hairstyle should reflect your professionalism and sophistication. If your hair projects an image that clashes with your perception of who you are and what you've accomplished, you should consider changing your style to something more reflective of you and your lifestyle.
3. What do others think of your current style?
Of course, your hairstyle should be based on your own personal preferences and not on the opinions of others, but sometimes a little honesty from trusted friends can be very helpful. Ask a few people you trust for input on your current hairstyle. What do they like about your hair? What exactly do they dislike? The way other people perceive us based upon our appearance can be surprising, so it is beneficial what sort of message our hair is sending others. Friends can offer honest opinions about what sort of image we project.
4. Is your hairstyle synonymous with any particular decade?
There are many hairstyles that have become synonymous with certain periods of time. Farrah Fawcett's feathered tresses ruled during the 1970's , while the mullet rose to popularity in the 1980's. The popularity of the television series Friends led to the enormous popularity of Jennifer Aniston's shaggy, layered cut, known to most stylists as "the Rachel." All of these styles were perfectly acceptable at one point in time. However, if your hair is still a perfect replica of Aniston's mid-90's coif, you may want to consider a change.
While few people have such an extreme problem, failing to change hairstyles can cause you to look dated or out of touch with modern trends. If your hair is flattering to you, make minor updates to help freshen up your look. If you haven't changed your style in a long time and feel it doesn't reflect who you are now, consult your stylist to find a new cut that is best suited to your appearance, personality, and lifestyle.
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