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The Round Face and Suitable Hairstyles

       In an effort to help readers come to understand the elements involved in selecting a flattering hairstyle for various face shapes, today we're taking a look at the round face. Individuals with round faces have a specific set of challenges, regardless of the affect of the other facial features.
Base shape for round face  hairstyles        The round face is characterized by being roughly even in the distance from the chin to the hairline as it is from side to side at the cheekbone level. It differs from the square face shape by being more rounded and lacking the angularity present at the jaw line and upper forehead.
       A hairstyle appropriate for the round face needs to provide volume or height at the top of the head, have minimal bulk or lie close at the sides, and if it is a longer style, should keep minimal volume and bulk at the lower ends of the hair. Individuals with round faces should avoid styles with full sides, and in cases where the hair is curly, layering and texturing to keep the hair close on the sides is imperative.
       Fringe areas should feature angled curved or asymmetrical lines rather than horizontal ones so as to prevent emphasizing the width of the face. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways as shown in the images accompanying this article.
Style One:
       This style is a variation on the pixie cut. It is short and layered, styled to lie close to the scalp, and would work especially well with wavy hair. The bangs are cut in a curved line and then notched to give texture and create an asymmetrical look. The close cut sides, and slight lift on top combine to create the illusion that the head is longer vertically, and thus more oval in shape.
Style Two:
       This is a long blunt cut style with razor-cut layers framing the face. The hair is styled with a center parting and curved line around the face to keep the softness, while the length gives an illusion of a longer face by camouflaging the width of the face. The overall effect is a smooth, soft look. This is an ideal style for those with naturally straight, fine-to-medium hair.
  • Pixie haircut for a round face
  • Blunt haircut for a round face
  • Short haircut for a round face
  • Haircut with a fringe for a round face
  • Long layered haircut for a round face
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Style Three:
       This is another short, gamine haircut with textured bangs. This style is excellent for those with straight hair and can easily be styled as shown to create lots of lift and volume in the short layers, or with minimal volume to give a sleeker, smoother look. This style features an off-center parting and wedge-shaped bangs that are heavily textured with a razor. Like style one, this style creates the appearance that the face is longer by adding height, and therefore gives the impression that the face is an oval as opposed to being round.
Style Four:
       This is a long hair style featuring an angle-cut fringe, and layering around the face on a basic blunt cut. The off-centered and angled parting draw the eye upward, while the closeness on the sides and length help to stretch the face into a more oval appearance. The bangs, while angle-cut, are also textured to offer a softer look and keep the face from appearing angular. This style would be excellent for those individuals with other features (such as prominent noses, wide-spaced or close-set eyes, etc.) which need a style that distracts.
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