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Menstruation & Chemical Straighteners

Q: Have you ever heard that one should not use chemical straighteners while menstruating?
A: I have heard this, and frankly, it falls under the category of "Myth" or "Old Wives Tale". The origin of this is likely due to some woman or women who found that they were either sensitive to hair straightening chemicals during their menstruation or who had a bad application of a straightening service and happened to be menstruating at the time.
The truth is that some women (or men) are more sensitive to the chemicals used in straightening services (or perms) and might at any time have a negative reaction to a chemical service. And some women do experience an increased sensitivity to chemicals at different points during their menstrual cycle.
This is one of the reasons it is important to always perform a patch test before any chemical service. Even if you have never had a response to any chemical service you could have a reaction at the next one.
If the issue is one of failure in the straightening service, there are usually many factors to rule out before you can blame menstruation. The prime reason for this is the way hair functions. Any effect the menstrual cycle may have on the hair would be seen in the new growth that was formed during the menstruation, and since the menstrual cycle is so short comparatively, there would only be small segments of the hair shaft that would be affected.
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