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Straightened Hair and Moisture

Q: I have naturally curly and thick hair. I got it layered so it wouldn't be as thick and I straighten it to get rid of the curls. I love how my hair is now but where I live it rains and snows a lot and if my hair gets just a tad bit wet it puffs up again. I really want to stop hiding from the weather so I was wondering if there was anything that I could put in my hair so I won't have to worry about getting it wet.
A: Look for styling products containing silicone which will help to coat the hair shaft and seal in (and seal out) moisture. You can also use hairspray as part of your styling regimen to help increase the longevity of your style. By adding a misting coat of hairspray before straightening (and allowing it to DRY fully before applying the iron) you add a sealing coat to the hair which helps resist moisture and humidity. Furthermore, apply more spray after straightening to further seal the hair. Let the misting of spray dry fully and you can brush or comb through the hair to ensure freedom of movement and a soft, natural look.
woman protecting her straightened hair with an umbrella

Of course, there are other alternatives to daily straightening. You might want to consider one of the many chemical straightening services available today. You can opt for a thio-straightening service (which acts much like a traditional perm in that it doesn't cause any serious harm to the hair when performed properly) or you can go for something more strident as with the thermal reconditioning/Japanese Straightening services.
The process you prefer depends on the results you want. Some straightening services simply reduce the level of curl in the hair and will give you hair that is mostly straight (and more easily fully straightened) while others (like the Thermal Reconditioning) will give you completely straight hair that is smooth, silky and dries in a fraction of the time as before straightening.
The cost of straightening varies with the type of process you choose and depends on factors such as where you live and the amount of competition in salons offering these services in your area. The good news is that as these services become more prevalent, the overall average cost has come down, but I still see prices ranging from $200 to $700 dollars (U.S. pricing).
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