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Kinked & Very Frizzy Hair

Q: I'm an 18-year-old (male), with a maddening problem. For the most part I have nice, long, straight, blond hair, beyond my nose in the front and beyond my shoulders at the back. The problem is that at my right temple there's about a two-inch area where anything that grows is kinked about 3 times and very frizzy. It usually stays under the straight hair IF I blow dry it, but it's very frustrating as the rest of my hair falls into place and never frizzes without a comb or blow dry, so this "curl" adds maintenance & time that the rest of my hair doesn't need. Please, I'd do anything to end this otherwise needless maintenance, what can I do to make it lastingly straight?
A: When it comes to hair, the term "lastingly" is relative. Because it grows constantly, anything that you do to the hair will last at most, only as long as it takes for the new growth to come in sufficiently to require reapplication.
In your case, you obviously want something that will allow you to forego the extra steps of blow-dry straightening the hair just to correct one area of hair that grows differently. The best suggestion for you is to go to your local salon for a hair straightening procedure, or you can do it yourself at home with a home straightening kit. You can also use a perming kit without the rods for the same purpose. The key is to keep the hair combed straight and smooth during the processing of the waving lotion and the neutralizer.
Whichever you choose, you can expect results that will keep your hair smoother and straighter for 6-8 weeks before you'll need to do it again. You will want to make sure you keep the hair well-conditioned afterward since the perming and straightening chemicals can often leave the hair more porous and prone to drying out.
I would mention that there is always the Japanese Thermal Reconditioning treatment that gives perfectly smooth and straight hair, but given its expense I'm not sure you want to pursue it as an option given you only need to straighten one problem area.
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