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Q: Here's my problem: I got my hair permed in December, 6 months ago. I liked it, but 6 months later it is mostly fallen out except for it is really wavy and poofy unless I put some kind of gel in it. This is really annoying and I want my straight hair back so I can cut my hair differently. I read about perming kits, or something of that matter, exactly what are these called and where can I find them? And, are these the things I want to make my semi wavy hair straight again?
A: I think what you are referring to is probably what is called a "straightening kit". In essence, these are formulated the same as a perming kit, except that the hair is not wound on a rod before the chemicals are applied. Instead, the chemicals that are normally used to curl the hair are applied to the hair and combed gently through the hair to make the hair straight. A neutralizer is applied after the "straightening" to lock the hair into a straight wave pattern.
Because these straightening kits are essentially the same as perms without the perm rods, you can actually use perm kits for this purpose.
However, be aware that you will need to make sure of the condition your hair is in before you undertake either of these processes. If your hair shows signs of being damaged (looks and feels dry and or straw-like) you should consult a professional or run the risk of thoroughly damaging the hair beyond repair.
You can find straightening kits in most places where you would find home perm kits: drugstores, larger grocery markets, and beauty supply stores. We here at Hairfinder refrain from endorsing any particular product line or brand name manufacturer, so you should be sure to look for a company whose name you trust when choosing the straightening kit. If you are unfamiliar with what companies make home straightening kits, you can always do a web search for "home hair straightening" and get a good number of results.
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