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Relaxed Hair & Iron Straightening

Q: I have a question about relaxers and iron straightening. I have coarse hair and I chemically straighten it. On top of chemical staightening can I use the flat iron to further straighten it and is it healthy?
A: Provided your hair was properly relaxed and not overly damaged by the chemical processes, you should feel perfectly confident in being able to follow up with a flat-iron to give yourself the smooth results you desire. Many women who have their hair relaxed use flat iron to smooth and finish their hair into straight styles.
The secret is to make sure to protect the hair from heat styling damage by using a good conditioner each day, followed by leave-in conditioners and smoothing balms to help keep the hair moisturized and healthy. Because the hair is chemically treated, it may be more porous and therefore more prone to lose moisture from heat styling. Be sure to keep the heat level of your iron monitored and always check the hot iron using a damp tissue paper before touching it to your hair.
If damp tissue pressed in the iron scorches or smokes, then the iron is too hot and should not be used until the temperature has been adjusted. For this reason, I always recommend using a flat-iron with adjustable heat settings. Keep your movements with the iron smooth and quick, and remember that it's better to pass the hair through a second or third pass than to leave it in too long in the first place.
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