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Q: I recently used the Boots straightening kit and although I am pleased with the overall result it has left the top layer of my hair very dry and frizzy especially at the back probably because I still have some bleached highlights in and shouldn't really have done this! What can I now use to put some moisture back into my hair and stop it looking so frizzy?
A: You've unfortunately experienced firsthand why these products typically specify that they are not recommended for bleached or highlighted hair. (In fact the Boots website specifically mentions that the product is only recommended for non-bleached, non-highlighted hair.)
The dryness and frizz in the hair is a sign of severe damage and is a result of the roughed up cuticle layer. You will need to start a regimen of deep conditioning and protective treatments to help restore moisture to the hair and soothe some of the damage.
Use a deep conditioner at least once each week, and be sure to condition your hair every day, rinsing the hair with cool water after the conditioner is applied. If you must use a hair dryer, use a diffuser attachment to prevent heat damage. Be sure to use anti-frizz and smoothing serums on the towel-dried hair along with leave-in conditioners prior to attempting to comb-through the hair.
Avoid using any styling products containing alcohol, as these can aggravate the problems of dryness.
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