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Japanese Straightening Problem

Q: Hello. I'm running out of options and I'm praying you can help. In August I got my hair Japanese-straightened. OK, I should have never done that. It killed my hair. It was falling out. My hair is lifeless and lays flat, still, almost 7 months later. Can I do anything to make my hair not so fried - add volume? I have tried all products. My last resort is a perm? Is that ok to do with treated and colored hair, or extensions? Please help.
A: From all the research I've done, you should be able to get your hair permed after having the Japanese straightening procedure done. However, there are three different principal makers of these "Japanese Straightening" procedures, all of whom are very secretive of their formulas. I don't know which of the three was used on your hair, and therefore I recommend that you speak to the stylist who performed your straightening and make sure the process they used allows for the hair to be permed afterward.
If you don't want to return to the salon who did your straightening and you know the maker of the straightening process used on you, try looking for another salon offering the same process by that maker and ask them about the safety of having your hair permed.
If all is well and the process used on you leaves the hair capable of sustaining a perm, you will find that a body wave should help to give your hair more bounce and movement. These chemical straightening processes make the hair straight and sleek by compressing the cuticle layer of the hair. Perms on the other hand, as a part of their processing, cause the cuticle layer to swell and expand making the hair look and feel thicker while they alter the wave pattern of the hair.
Because your hair has been through such dramatic chemical changes, it is best if the stylist who will give you the perm performs a "strand test" beforehand. This will help him/her to know exactly how long to process the perm for best results. It also serves as a back up verification that your hair can survive a perm after the Japanese Straightening process.
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