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Japanese Hair Straightening Hassle

Q: I had my hair Japanese straightened a few weeks ago and my friends who had it done all have perfectly straight hair all the time no matter what. However, sometimes when I sleep on my hair, or don't blow-dry it, it gets a little bit of its wave back and I don't really like it. What can I do to keep this from happening so that my hair is hassle-free all the time?
A: Well, the first thing you should do is return to the salon and stylist who performed the straightening process and speak with him or her about the issues you are having with the recurrent wave. The Japanese Straightening process is a very intensive process where the results can vary widely based on the product used and the skill and training level of the technician performing the service.
Each individual client must be analyzed and the process adjusted to meet the specific needs of the hair. It's possible that your hair is simply a little more resistant to the treatment than your friends' hair, or that the technician performing the service misjudged the processing needed to give you perfectly straight results.
The problem could even be in the after-care products you are using. This is why speaking with the stylist who straightened your hair is important. He or she may have products available to prevent the situation you are experiencing. Certainly, the stylist will be best prepared to answer your questions of why you are getting a different result than your friends have had.
Given the overall cost of the procedure, it is certainly not unreasonable to question less than satisfactory results after only a few weeks of getting the process performed.
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