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Beach Wave Perm

Q: Hi I'm interested in the Beachwave perm. What is it? How do I get it? I'm located in Rio Grande, New Jersey. Thank you.
A: The Beach Wave perm is a new permanent waving formula that offers soft, smooth waves instead of the firm curls of traditional perming services. It combines a new waving formula approach and specific tools to create the soft, loose curl.
The idea for the product stems from the popularity of the "soft look" in curly styling. Prior to the invention of the formula and tools "beach perms" were done using large, varied tools in order to give the hair a soft loose, style. Pravana Natureceuticals, the maker of the Beach Wave perm, combines a Cysteamine-based waving formula (along with their keratin restructuring formula) and soft foam blocks as "rollers" to give the soft, loose wave so popular these days.
The Beach Wave perm service is a professional service and is only available through a salon professional who deals with the product. You can find a list of salons that use Pravana products in your area by visiting the company's website, which features a salon locator. Of course, you'll want to call before you go, since the product is so new, but a salon who does use Pravana products, can surely get the formula for you.
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