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Product Build Up

Q: Please could you tell me the importance of removing product build up before starting the perming process. How do you do this? Do you have to use a clarifying shampoo?
A: Often, a client may be taking medications or have used shampoos, conditioners and styling products that leave a residue or build-up on or in the hair that can interfere with the chemical processes of the perm.
Product build-up can especially inhibit the perm processing because it prevents the penetration of the perm chemicals. Medications can be inhibitive by sometimes interfering with the processes themselves. To ensure even processing, and good results from a perm, the build-up and residues must be removed. This is done by using a clarifying shampoo.
Clarifying shampoos are generally more strongly alkaline formulas that strip away all the build-up from the hair, and open the cuticle layer slightly to help remove the residue left behind by medications. This also helps to make the hair easier to penetrate by the perming solution.
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